Sunday, June 18, 2017

Another Photo Dump

As usual I have all sorts of good photos to share from this past month.

Zu will be 3 in July! Wearing a bridle and surcingle and lunging so much better 

Ehhh.... right. They obviously can't actually breed since he's gelded and they're sterile anyway but they like to... posture. 


Never. Ending. 


Frank has been shedding for 5 months now. Next year I'm just going to clip him and be done with it

Pmare looking sort of eh going into summer. She is 21 now

Mules... so sassy. 


Pax has started cycling regularly and Frank is the recipient of all her affections. 

Zoodle lunging like a champ

Sriracha  also lunging, with surcingle and bridle 

Did I mention I broke my big toe and dislocated my thumb recently...

Free jumping

Ladies looking shiny

More lunging!



Another mule! Wait no it's just Pax

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cregga, 4 Months Old

Cregga will be FOUR months old in three days! I sticked her about a week ago and she is THIRTEEN HANDS. THIRTEEN. 

She is almost completely shed out of her babymange stage. She is now a very pretty steel color, sort of bay-ish still but with lots of white hairs. I am not sure what color she wants to be and she's not either, so we're just going with whatever it is. The steel has changed to sort of more brown with the exposure to our hot Texas sun. I imagine she won't stay dark for very long.

From bay with some shedding....

Chasing Moo

So pretty

The Bullfighter Babe

To more shedding...

Future Hubs and the Mangey

Wtf is even happening with that shag rug coat

I took O out to give her a bath one day and Cregga was NOT having it. She took the opportunity to try out for the Spanish Riding School. 

So fresh so clean

That courbette tho!

We trailered O and Cregga out for baby's first ever trip to the vet, and first ever trailer ride. It took a minute for her to get on the trailer, and she insisted on jumping in instead of putting her feet on the ramp, but she did trailer well and loaded back in just fine. 

Unfortunately the reason for the vet visit was to check and see if O was pregnant, and she was not. We bred back again this month and we find out on Monday if she is pregnant, but I'm pretty sure she isn't. We've had all sort of breeding trouble this year and I'm pretty sure we're not getting anything out of it. But, we will try again next year. 

Being a good girl at the vet

Dad's girl

What color is that....


Returning the pest favor

And the Pestimus Maximus

The mohawk was getting out of control...

So I roached it. Half clipped it and half scissored it since the clippers died. She did well with the clippers!

I was also able to get some more video of the babe in action. Man she can move!!!!

Gigantisaurus Rex

Cregga comparison 2 days old and 3.5 months old

Cregga and Future Hubs - newborn, 5 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks

She has gotten better about all of the things she wasn't too sure about. At 4 months old she clips, leads, ties, bathes, trailers, stands to be trimmed (within wiggly baby reason), and wears a flymask and flyspray. Although like dad, she doesn't love wet things on her. 

Why am I wet ITCH IT OFF

Smelling and marking mom's pee spot.... idk why. And I have no idea what color she is trying to be as of today!

Taken today

We will find out if she has a sibling for next year on Monday, although I'm pretty sure she does not. Disappointed there.... I really like this cross.