Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Very Big Day

Can you spot what is missing in this picture?

Look closer!

That's right, Bay Girl's catch halter is OFF! (Hopefully for good!)

This is a very big step for both of us. The catch halter is my security blanket, and I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about doing things without it. If it goes poorly, it will of course go back on for a little while, but hopefully we won't need it anymore. It wasn't all that long ago that I couldn't even catch and halter her while she was in a stall, after all! She has been great about being haltered and having her face handled, so hopefully the progression continues!

This is a HUGE DAY for both of us!!


  1. Congratulations! Hope it works out...

    Partly inspired by you I have just bought myself a new horse out of a sale yard!

    He is apparently a Rocky Mountain Horse x Australian Stock Horse and only 3 years old but a doll to handle.

    I'd never heard of the RMH before so it came as a bit of a surprise to hear and I had to look them up on the internet but only see good things about them.

    His feet are totally different looking underneath to anything I've ever seen on any of my other horses so that was interesting. Instead of having a crevice in the frog gap between the heel bulbs and up the back of the heel he has almost like a dorsal fin of hard material there about 5mm long. Never seen that before. Have you?

    I truly hope you get to make Bay Girl your own soon.

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  3. Go BG! I'm sure she'll live up to your trust. When you first said something was missing and I couldn't see the chunkster there in shot I thought he'd moved on already! Actually how long do bubs need to stay with their mums for?

  4. I imagine they'll pull bubs off his mom as soon as they possibly can so they can get rid of Bay Girl quickly and get to work with him - probably at around 4 months. It's too early for me personally, but on the upside it means I get to have my hands on her sooner!

  5. That doesn't sound very long at all! It would be good for Bay Girl though once her mothering duties are done, she can move on to the next chapter of her life, hopefully with you!

  6. How much money raised so far? I think you should put the donate button back up for a while as it isn't clear to everyone what you are hoping to do. Plus, how to donate? It was so easy before.