Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weaning Day HAS ARRIVED!

There are many unexpected good surprises in this world. For example, if someone brings you ice cream for no reason in the middle of the day - that is a good surprise. Or finding five dollars in your dirty pants pocket - that is also a good surprise. All of these and other good surprises pale in comparison to the good surprise I got yesterday near the end of the day, however. Out of nowhere, it was decided that yesterday was weaning day for Elvis... finally, the long awaited day had come!!

We pulled Bay Girl out of her field for the farrier (who, remember, is not me) yesterday afternoon, and it was decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to wean. We just pulled her out of the field and led her off, and left him behind with his Zoie. Since he actually was spending 90% of his time with Zoie anyway, he boinked around for a minute and tossed his head, then settled back into eating, Zoie at his side. As for Bay Girl, she stood perfectly still for her trim, only screaming a few times for Zoie (who screamed back). Afterwards, we put her out in the back mare pasture with three other small (and either very old or somewhat crippled mares), and proceeded to watch her get her butt whooped by the smallest, most crippled, and lowest on the totem pole. Poor thing.

The next morning, I'm pretty sure Elvis had all but completely forgotten that he ever even had a mother:

And as for Bay Girl, she was not amused about being put out in a field of mares who hate her. She spent the entire day following me up and down the fenceline, screaming for me, running to me whenever I appeared:

She'll settle in soon enough... although she won't be there long. I don't know what her plans are in terms of how long she'll be at this farm, but I have another call into the ET facility's office. Hopefully they call me back ASAP!!


  1. Yea! It's about time. I cannot wait for you to legally get your hands on her as her owner. Its going to be great following all her progress post Elvis.


  2. Wohoo! Now just DON'T let her off the property until you have a bill of sale!

    She's got really pretty movement even with that whale of a belly. This is going to be fun.

  3. Yay!!!! Now the ET facility needs to call you back!!!

    This will be a perfect time for her to really lean on you and trust you!!!

  4. Yeah!! Crossing fingers for the best!