Sunday, April 14, 2013

End of March Analysis; April Goals!

It is way past time to go over Immy's March goals, and make some more for April!

Immy March Goals:

1) Pool once a week (and Eurociser - some weeks will be twice a week)
This I would consider a success, simply because I did it whenever possible. My parameters for 'possible' times for her to swim centered around one main requirement: there had to be an open paddock for her to be in all day while I worked. (Otherwise, she'd have to stand in a stall all day, totally alone. Not worth it.) Whenever there was a space open in the paddocks, she went for her weekly or bi-weekly swims. She also went in the Eurociser as planned as well!

2) Ride 3 times a week (4, some weeks)
I tried very hard to make this a reality, but it didn't quite end up working out every single week. I had a few weeks where I was running in a blind panic, working all day and trimming all night, trying to finish up my degree as well as planning for a mid-month practicum. That has all come and gone now, thank god!

3) Being going comfortable W-T-C by the end of the month on a light contact
Success! She is now walk-trot-canter, although the canter is still a work in progress - she just needs more miles.

4) Continue desensitization with bridle, head - do massages with daily groomings
Success! This is forever an ongoing process, and it is still a LONG way from being where it needs to be... actually, her improvements haven't really been all that large. The more you press the manner, the worse she gets about it, so it has been hard to find a balance where she is comfortable and progressing.

5) Second craniosacral appointment
I never reconnected with the craniosacral therapist - she never responded to my last email, so I'm still not sure what is going on with this.

6) Set up a daily/weekly/monthly calendar ahead of time, and stay with! (I always do this, but last month I hardly stuck with anything I had pre-planned!)
I did much better with this this month, but obviously I had a LOT going on in March, so while there were improvements, it still wasn't perfectly spot-on. It's actually very hard to set goals with Immy, as a lot of the time I just throw my plans for the day out the window - I have to go on what she is feeling like that particular day.


Immy April Goals:
1) Trailer out to a new place (arena, trail) to ride for the first time off-property!
2) Ride 3-4 times a week
3) Continue with w-t-c work under saddle, & start to walk and trot over poles!
4) TRAIL RIDES! Go out with P, go out with Rue, and start to go out ALONE!
5) Continue relaxation and desensitization, as always!


O-Ren April Goals:
1) Work on the lunge and on the ground - in equipment, work on obedience, correctness of work
2) Start to just work quietly under saddle on a long rein, going out on the trail with friends, light saddle work - walk and trot, RELAXATION and OBEDIENCE
3) Clean her all up - bang tail, pull mane, clippers, etc! Makeover!
4) Fix up her toes - they are a mess!
5) Trail rides!


P-Mare April Goals:
1) Trails twice a week! :) I've been riding P-mare pretty regularly on the trail, the other two ladies just tend to overshadow her in her semi-retirement... but I've had some requests to update on her more often, so I will definitely make sure she gets her fair share of the limelight!


Some of these goals are obviously already complete, like fixing up O's feet and taking Immy to her first off-site arena ride... I'm just late to post, that's all!

O's new RF:

Her feet were all super long, superficially cracked in the quarters, and in general sort of messy and poor. They'll be nice, once she builds up the back of her foot! No idea what happened at that big event line - I figure that is where she moved from Michigan to Texas - but it is interesting to see that the cracks stop there and the growth tighten up significantly above it. They'll be an interesting documentation, that is for sure!

O in the Faux-ssoa today:

Tomorrow, back under saddle!


  1. Awesome! I'd love to hear more about what you think of Immy undersaddle--is it what you expected? How do her gaits feel?

  2. Don't you love writing lists where you already know you can check one or two things off?!? I am still just so blown away by how fast both Immy and O are coming along.

  3. O is caauuuttee!

    Yay that Immy is going better and progressing! :)

  4. I love setting goals, but I totally understand how easy (and necessary) getting sidetracked is. You have to work with the horse you have that day and like you said kind of throw the plan out the window some days. You're doing awesome with all of the girls. :D