Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Absorbine Botanicals Review

One of the great things about blogging is the fact that I have a small platform upon which I can share ideas, review products, and give honest opinions about horse related things. And I LOVE when companies send me their products to test out and review! The fine folks at Absorbine were kind enough recently to send a few fellow bloggers and myself some samples of their new Absorbine Botanicals line, and I had the chance to use it over the past week and see how I liked it. 

I always have Absorbine products in my barn - they're kind of a go-to staple. Who doesn't have bottles of Showsheen tucked into their tack room and trailer? I have clients who absolutely swear by Absorbine's All Natural Hooflex. I always had Gogo wrapped with Absorbine liniment after super hard workouts (and you gotta love the gel!), all of my horses have Absorbine hoof polish on at shows, and Absorbine's Santa Fe spray helps keep O's coat looking great throughout our blazing Texas summers. I have lots of other products from other companies that I love too, but I always have Absorbine stuff in my barn. 

My package arrived a few days ago, and I was eager to try it out!

 (Cat not included)

That said, anytime I try a new product on O, I have to be careful. She has SUPER sensitive skin and swells up like a balloon if something doesn't sit just right with her. I was careful to follow all directions, just in case. I love using products that are full of herbs and essential oils versus harsh chemicals if at all possible as well. There are 12 herbs and oils in the products, aloe vera and arnica included. You know I'm a huge fan of both of those! 

I first tried the Body Rinse. It's super concentrated, and has convenient measure markers on the side of the bottle, so if you are spatially challenged like me you don't eyeball off the wrong amount. After a hard workout, I rinsed her off with water, then filled a gallon bucket and squirted in my set amount of Body Rinse. I then sponged it all over her body, legs included. The product has a pleasant smell to it... it kind of reminded me of my grandfather's aftershave, but it wasn't overwhelming. O thought it smelled awesome, and stuck her nose right in the sponge for a closer smell. I did not rinse her following application as per directions - we'd just have to see if it sat well with her or not!

The next day, voila! She was soft, shiny and clean, with no signs that it bothered her at all and no feeling of residue. Perfect! 

 (Nice and shiny the next day)

Following her workout that next day, I used the Massage Foam on all four legs. Can I just say how much I LOVE the idea of a foam application? There's no mess! Gel is sticky and gooey and messy, and liquids spill out on the floor more than they ever get on the horse (and splash in my eyes half the time as well, especially when I put them in spray bottles). The foam was no drip, no mess, rubbed right in, and didn't leave me feeling like I had stuck my hands in a vat of Nickelodeon Gak. (If you weren't a child that grew up in the 90's you probably won't have any idea what that feels like... just think of cold chemical snot.) In the past, undiluted products straight on O's legs have left her with HUGE elephant legs the next day - and if a product doesn't sit with her, you can tell right away as she starts chewing on her legs. We had zero problems with the Massage Foam - no fuss, no muss, no swelling and no reactions, and nice tight legs the next day to boot. (O's legs are always clean and tight following workouts anyway but to have them not react to a product is great!)

Overall, I think it's a really good product. I still love herbal products like Sore-No-More and Zephyr's Garden liniment, but both of those are expensive and you can speed through them quickly. Absorbine's Botanicals line is a great cost-effective alternative.

(One more side note to add: I did not try these on Pmare, as several of the herbal ingredients are not safe for pregnant mares. For topical use only, it's unlikely that they'd affect her in any way, but I'd rather not take chances. That would definitely be the true test, if I could try them on her, since her skin sloughs off with just about everything chemically that I've tried on her. Anything that keeps her from swelling up and losing skin and hair is great in my book!)


  1. I know exactly what you mean on the Gak feeling. It's good to know that it didn't bother sensitive skin.

  2. I got a sample of the body rinse and really liked it. I've always loved Absorbine's Refreshmint for a post-workout brace, but I think I might just like the Botanicals a little bit more. Good stuff!

  3. Riley has super dooper sensitive skin too and he was fine when I used the rinse! I have yet to try the massage foam.

  4. Can someone explain to me what a rinse is for? When I rinse, I just use the hose, no product needed. I want to like this stuff based on positive reviews, but it's a bit beyond me.

    1. Generally a rinse is like a leave-in conditioner type product, to absorb into the skin/hair.

    2. Ya it's like a body brace (same as you'd do with regular liniment splashed into a bucket). I use those kinds of things if my horse has an extreme all over body workout - it helps with muscle recovery.

  5. I was also really interested to hear how O handled this since I know she's sensitive. Now I really want to try this :)

  6. Gak LOL!! Yep I grew up in the nineties lol. I'm so happy O didn't react to these! :D