Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Short Babbling Report

O is starting to understand the chambon concept finally. It is serving the purpose I wanted it to - let her stretch down and out over her topline, while being able to stretch her nose out and not be restricted by a contact.

I love that picture. Stretching down, but still uphill at the same time. 

Thanks for all your input on the carts.... I am definitely going to look at the navy one this week! My training cart just sold to a client (who will love and use it), which gives me the money to invest back into a nicer cart. This of course means I will have to life-proof it a bit - the last thing I want is for my cart to get banged up and scratched while it is in use. Any tips on how to do that, please feel free to share!

I had an idea for helping to tie the cart and O back together a little better. The cart is so solidly dark all over.... it has pinstriping, but that's about it. My Smuckers harness (should I decide to show in it) has brass. If I swapped out the chrome shaft tips for brass, and swapped out the black rein rail and black hubcaps with brass, it would lighten up the cart and it would also match the harness. A lot cheaper than buying a new harness! I love brass, I always have, way more than I love silver colored metals, and I'm happy to try and work it into my turnout if I can!

O lunged yesterday, had today off (busy day for me), and will probably have tomorrow off too (busy again). I wanted to make a point this month of getting back on a schedule of 3 drives a week, one lunge a week, and (hopefully) a day of groundwork/other stuff. Two weeks ago, we got all of that done, but last week she lunged twice and only got driven once. Bah! With my busy schedule and the waning daylight, we'll have to get creative if we want to keep a tighter schedule. She'll probably have tomorrow off, lunge Tuesday, drive Wed, have Thanksgiving off, and drive again Friday and Sat. I have some amazing cones exercises I want to practice!

I had a chance to peruse the ADS website as well, and in terms of sanctioned stuff in the first half the year, we have these to choose from:

May 23, 2015: HACA Pine Hill Driving Trial

There will be more added to that calendar for sure. All of the little NTW fun days will also be in there, and the second half of the year will hopefully be posted soon too. There are lots of other little shows around to choose from too!

Enough babble for me for tonight. Back to work Tuesday!


  1. Looking good. Congrats on selling the cart. I can't wait to see the new one. I like the idea of swapping out for the brass. :)

    P.S. How is the baby making going? Haven't heard about P in a while.

  2. ooh i love the brass idea - and think brass always looks really good with chestnuts

  3. Oooh brass will really tie in well with her! Great idea!

  4. O is just such a pretty mover! I love watching videos of her dreamy, daisy-cutter trot <3