Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jingle All The Way

It's still crappy, dreary, gross weather here in Texas... but I still got in a quick drive today. About a week ago, I decided to splurge and buy myself a cheap pair of sleigh bells to add some jingle to our workouts this winter. We did a brisk four miles in the 35 degree weather, thankfully avoiding the rain squalls. O was hot and forward, took a nice contact, and had just the right amount of jingle for the season:

If you want to go the full cheesemo, you can also watch our Christmassy drive from last year:

What's not to love about this season? It's CHRISTMASTIME!


  1. So cool! I love the sleigh bells :-)

  2. she just has such a nice trot - could listen to those jingles all day! the neighborhood must love you ;)

  3. I can't wait to do this with Spud!

  4. oh my goodness. i love this. so cool.