Saturday, February 6, 2016

Instagram Photo Dump

I realized today while looking at my Instagram photos in a quiet moment between appointments that a large number of them haven't been shared on the blog. Well, that needs to change! If you love photos then this is the post for you!

Dylan at WD after a ride

Saba the Senegal giving kisses, not biting!

The Queen looking majestic AF 

The Child trying to also look majestic

Pax got that strut

Pax looking significantly less like she has her life together than in the previous photo. Yes that is the hose on her head, which she put there herself on accident

Lendri with frost in her muley mane

Every. Day. 

And they say dressage isn't natural 

Worst picture of me ever but Zuul looks adorable 


Run O incoming!!

Life is exhausting 

Life is REALLY exhausting 

I got a Be Nice halter for Zuul to see if it would help the bolting.... aaaaand it's too small 

The Rock, on a rock 

The mares watching Darby's body being hauled away... they stood and stared and called to her, and it made me very sad 

32" of terror

Best friends playing bitey face. And Uma, being tiny 

Dylan on patrol 

Seriously, these mules

They are nonstop hilarious. I should do Mule Mondays with just pictures of them playing 

Feeling hot hot hot 

Pax inherited the Be Nice halter, which is useful for doing things like spooking walking down the road 

Future Hubs and Pax. She's huge!

She is not amused 

Zuul four days post castration and I STILL can't get anywhere near him. He is still SO MAD at me. 

Future Hubs holding while I hooked up... tried the Liverpool on her again and I have a post about it coming up! 

Phew that was a lot! 


  1. I don't think I knew you had a parrot! I probably should have known that. Very cool! I am familiar with the not-biting-but-actually-kisses thing. My Grey is, um, very hormonally attached to me. To the point that it's a problem, and I can only interact with him for seconds at a time. Needless to say...I get a lot of those...

    1. Yeah Saba is that way too. I have to be careful otherwise before I know it he's trying to mount me and puking on me. Romantic!

    2. Yeah Saba is that way too. I have to be careful otherwise before I know it he's trying to mount me and puking on me. Romantic!

  2. I love O's zoomy lunging pics. She needs a sweatband and legwarmers photoshopped onto her!

  3. Love all the pictures! You have some majestic looking beasts! And your zonky is super cool.

  4. ha yes please make mule mondays a thing lol! also wow yea Pax is enormous!

  5. Pax and the hose is hilarious!


    These are hysterical when viewed all together like this. I want to be one of your animals. They have so much fun!!

  7. Mule Mondays!
    Mule Mondays!

    Ahh the life you two have with your gigantic bunch of critters, it's awesome.

    Love the respect your little herd have for Darby, that shot of them watching and calling for her is heartbreaking. RIP, old lady. Yet at the same time so many wonderful goings-on with other horses & long-ears that would have been in her horseshoes too had you not taken them in.

    Seeing all of these posts together was awesome, you must instigate Mule Mondays and also Photo Thursdays to help get us through the week! :D

  8. I love all of your pictures! I vote for Mule Mondays too!