Friday, July 29, 2016

Oink Oink

JenJ just posted about the weird thing that wandered onto her property recently. I too have had a weird thing wander onto our property recently... and it's still here!


There is this fat pig that has been wandering around our neighborhood for some months now. I keep seeing her here and there, and I was starting to wonder if she was a potbelly pig that got dumped when she got too large. (That "teacup" pig fad where people buy little piglets and assume they're going to stay tiny forever... they don't stay tiny!)

One day, she wandered up my driveway. Much to my surprise too - I was outside doing chores, and all of a sudden there was this pig wandering towards me. I was completely surprised by this - what pig wanders if it is taken care of? There isn't another driveway close to ours, not really. She had to wander a fair way to get up to our driveway. But once here, she made it quite clear that she had no intention of leaving again.

I gave her a little mud hole, some fresh water to drink, and some veggies. Her back was sunburned and the skin cracking, so I put some lotion on her and let her go wallow in her mud for awhile. Apparently, to a pig this means "welcome to the spa, make yourself at home." And she stayed. 

I left the gate open, so she could go home. But she did not go home. She stayed. For days.

I finally managed through a series of complicated events to track down her owner. She lives several houses down from me, quite a long ways from where my driveway entrance is. She was just as surprised as anyone when she realized where she was and how far she had wandered. They took her home, and I thought that was that, although I really like pigs and had enjoyed her time with me so much that I considered adopting one of my own. Like I need any more animals...!

And then, last week, she came back.


She couldn't get in through my no climb, so she sat in my neighbor's yard (we share a fenceline) all day and complained. She finally actually broke through my no climb - no, seriously! - and let herself back onto my property. That's a determined pig!

I texted the owner, and she is out of town right now. The pig was supposed to be home with her husband, but apparently the pig doesn't like the husband, so she ran away from home to come back to our house. And I use the term "ran" pretty loosely... more like, shuffled her morbidly obese self over to our house. The husband had no idea she was even missing, even though she had been gone for a full day. 

The owner won't be back for at least another week, so I guess we're pig sitting? 

Oh yea... did I mention they're super destructive? We're graveling the carport and she has decided that the carport is her home, and this landscaping fabric was in her way. 

Although I don't know why they've even bother to pick her up at this point... she's just going to run away again and come back to our house and break down our fence again!


  1. Look at that wittle face!!!

    Too bad she's so destructive though :(

    1. All pigs are... They root and tear stuff up!

  2. Oh my, well at least she is cute? And if she was hand raised she should have good manners? That is how I ended up with chickens. One of the neighbor's chickens ran away to my house, and then we couldn't get her to stay with their flock. Not that I blame her, their rooster beat her up really bad. So then I had a chicken, and suddenly I had more chickens... Now I have a serious chicken problem!

  3. Oh! She is so cute! And, seriously, is there a better testament to your animal husbandry than animals breaking *into* your property to be cared for by you? Pigs are awfully smart :)

  4. I think you kind of need her. I mean, they don't even notice when she's gone, so maybe don't call next time?

  5. Sounds like you have got yourselves a pig!

  6. She is a different type of Project Runaway!!

  7. She knows a good thing when she sees it!