Monday, August 1, 2016

August Goals!

I've been a bit bad about setting and keeping my goals on paper. I've been doing plenty of that around the barn by myself, but writing them down is what keeps me accountable and on track. I haven't written any goals down since May! Long gone are the days when I used to obsess over every little goal I set for Gogo, although I think I'm a bit mentally more healthy for it now, if not a bit less organized.

As before, I'm still trying out this new method of writing down just a couple big monthly goals for each horse instead of having 5 or 6 goals for each. Not every horse is working, and the horses that are working are often all going at the same time, so this keeps me a bit more focused.


O-Ren August:
1) Go on ponying hacks with Dylan 1x a week (if Dylan is going well)
2) Continue to be a big fat relaxing preggo momma horse!

Dylan August:
1) Carefully ease back into work - and keep a VERY close eye on the leg, making sure to cold hose and poultice after workouts
2) As we ease back into work, start putting together 4th level and Intermediate (WE) level dressage tests
3) Construct some WE obstacles - a gate, a bell, etc, to practice with in addition to the others!

Lendri May:
1) Ponying off Pmare! Lendri is a fat little snausage who is currently off working duty, so she still needs her exercise!

Pangea August:
1) Continue using her as a pony horse for the babies - and go on some trail rides as she gets fitter!

Pax August:
1) Be ponied from her mother regularly! Go on some trail rides - perhaps even trail rides off property!

Uma August:
1) Continue general handling and "baby school" - getting her better about dealing with being brushed which she is not very fond of!

Sriracha May:
1) Continue to learn about lunging (walk, trot, whoa) in the roundpen
2) Go on little neighborhood walks for desensitization
3) Learn more about wearing a bridle, harness, and leg boots
4) Trim all 4 feet


So basically it boils down to this: they ALL have a job, and they're ALL getting something done with them at least weekly. Some of them are getting worked a lot, some only once a week, and some of them have the job of growing a babe or even just growing up. But they all have a projected path, and a job of some sort.

Also... remember when I said there was a surprise 2 year old coming to my house soon? He's on his way now...!


  1. Just reading all these goals makes me tired!

  2. I feel like I missed the 2y/o news!! He is hella cute, hope he's yours!

    Nice that all the horses have a job.