Friday, November 4, 2016

The Waddling Preggo

O has reached her 7th month of pregnancy and my god SHE SURE SHOWS IT.

Does your gut hang low, does it wobble to and fro

This is her blog and she has hardly been on it lately, but it's hard to write about horses that are currently doing literally nothing except eating and growing a baby.

As of late, the most important thing in her life is food. Somewhere distantly second to that is companionship from both myself and from Dylan. When open, she tends to be super hormonal and hyperemotional, and hates to be left by herself. Pregnant, she seems to not really care much, or not have enough energy to do much about it anyway. I can take Dylan away from her and aside from a few errant whinnies, she doesn't care. Usually she is a total traiter and goes down to the end of the property to talk to my neighbor's horses, which are a road and a fence away. But I think she still enjoys Dylan's company, even though at feed times she tends to make horrible mean faces and empty threats at him. 


This is her winter coat


She goes out with Dylan for his hacks around the neighborhood, just to keep her in some kind of tone. It's starting to become harder for her to keep up with speedwalker Dylan though - he always is in a hurry to get to wherever he thinks we are going, and last night in particular I was practically dragging O along behind us. 

Her wee fetus is now sort of medium-dog size, maybe twenty-odd inches long and somewhere between 30-40lbs in weight or so. If you think that sounds huge, it will be closer to 100lbs when born, so it has a ways to go yet! O also just had her fall deworming and latest EHV-1 vaccine, so basically now we just wait. And wait. And wait.

Believe me though - March will DEFINITELY be here before we know it!!!