Saturday, December 3, 2016

Big Frank

There is a new mule around here. Obviously I didn't need another mule - I'm basically an animal hoarder at this point as it is - but his owner needed help out of a situation and I agreed to her proposal. She's a client of mine, so I've known this mule for about a year now, and have always loved him. The owner unexpectedly lost her lease on her property after being there for years, so she had to rehome two of her four very fast. Since the mule is old, and she didn't want him passed about, she decided she would either find him a home with someone she knew, or she would euthanize him rather than risk him being lost in the shuffle. So I stepped in to help.

This is Big Frank. 

Yes, he is basically a giant Eeyore. 

Big Frank is about 21-22 or thereabouts, although we don't actually know. My dentist is coming on the 9th, so we will see what she says. Pmare will be 21 next year and she looks 10 years younger than Frank does, so it's hard to say really. He might be older. 

Frank came with all of his tack, including blankets, halters, custom saddle and saddle pad, custom bridle, custom breastcollar. He's a fully equipped riding mule. I had the idea that he would be for Future Hubs and we could go riding together sometimes, although whether or not this will happen is up for debate.

Big Frank is big, but not BIIIIIIG. He's 16.2, although his butt is probably near 17h. His head is the truly enormous thing about him - it makes Pmare look like she has a dainty face, which is saying something considering I literally named her Pangea because her head is the size of a supercontinent. Frank's one vice is that if you don't lead him with a chain, he just sort of leaves. He's so strong that you can't physically stop him without a chain. 

That is one big schnoz

Big Frank is very gentle with the little ones. If he wants them to move, he just slowly turns around and backs towards them. They're all not sure yet who is the boss but they're all happy to cohabitate. It takes a special draft mule to be able to live peacefully with minis, because one kick would knock their little legs off. 

Mostly they get along, anyway

Frank is pretty simple to ride. He steers, he stops. And that's about it really. 

Turn Frank turn!

He's pretty much amazing. 


  1. The length of your reins in the riding pics is almost as ridiculous as the size of his head. He's beautiful!

  2. I can't lie, I kind of love his ridiculously huge face

  3. His head=made for hugging! So glad this sweet guy is settling in.

  4. He is a cutie!! Glad you were able to give him a good home

  5. He is like the Mack Truck of mules!