Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cregga, 3 Months Old

Cregga is now THREE months old! (Or well, technically it's in 3 days, but Monday was the 12 week mark, so I officially consider it about the same. After this, I start counting month age instead of week age so we go back to using the 20th.) 

She's still enormous but she thank god seems to temporarily be putting that into bulk instead of height. She got freakishly tall freakishly fast, but then slowed way down and went outward. She was 12.1 at 9 weeks old, and is still 12.1 at 12 weeks old. But I string tested her a few weeks ago and she was solidly showing 17 hands O.O I can only hope I mis-measured, even though I also measured everyone else! (Pax is showing she is probably going to top out at maybe 15.3, if I'm lucky. I can only assume it's P that throws small size - her first foal as a 3 year old was maybe 14.2!)

Had a bath, now trying to scrape water off herself 

Take your kid to work day


Trying to get a conformation shot, and failing

Apparently she doesn't like when I lunge the littles on the other side of the fence

She is not wasting any time going grey. She's going to be steel colored for awhile, which is nice - I thought she might go lighter than that, but she's certainly not staying bay for any longer than she has to. I assume she'll follow the steel pattern of her father, at least from the looks of it.

I'm going to guess she'll be as tall as her mother by one year of age. Any other bets?

Cregga at 9 weeks  
Cregga at 12 weeks. Same height, different dimensions

Future Hubs does not know anything about horses, so his training methods are... unorthodox. "Stand still! Why don't you listen to me!" XD

Cregga at 3 months, Pax at 3 months. I think Pax was slightly older in that shot than Cregga is now. Pax was an enormous baby though.

In terms of milestones, there are some things Pax did better at this age than Cregga does, and vice versa. Cregga has always been much sweeter and way less feisty, and has never tried to rear up on or kick at a person (yet). Pax was a horrible little monster and got knocked off her feet about once a day for the first couple of months of her life. Still, Pax took to general things like bathing, hoof handling, and flymaks wearing a lot quicker than Cregga - Cregga still likes to hippity hop when you pick her feet up, if you hold them for longer than she thinks is necessary. She also hates her flymask (like dad) and I usually have to put it on while she's laying down, or haltered at least. Pax I could walk right up and do it no problem. Pax also has taken to water a bit better than Cregga, but Cregga has taken better to the clippers.

It's all a process though... they all get to the same place in the end, or so we hope.


  1. So cool hearing about her progress! She looks huge but then again I ride a pony so they're all huge by comparison lol

  2. She's such a gorgeous baby!

  3. Can you explain how to do the string test? I have a 2 year old mule with no history and we would really like to see where he might end up.

  4. She is seriously chunky. Bet she ends up looking like a carbon copy of Dylan!

  5. I dunno. future hubs may surprise you with horse whispering yet. ;-)

  6. Wowwwie, I cannot wait to see how she turns out!

  7. Wow! She is a giant baby! And lovely to boot. It's so cool to see her playing with her sire. So few domestic horses get to live that life.

  8. String test? I thought you used the Mo test for measuring your babies, he's been your yardstick for tracking height progress!