Sunday, April 8, 2012

Look who came back!!

SHE'S BACK!!!!!!

My beautiful Bay Girl and her little red colt are back!!

The colt is pretty cute... he's going to be a serious tank when he grows up. His hip is HUUUUUUUUUGE. Not sure yet if he will stay red... I think the mare was grey so we'll see what he ends up being. Might be a liver, might be a grey?

Bay Girl's coat is beautiful, shiny, and full of dapples, but she is a heck of a lot skinnier than she used to be. That gorgeous topline of hers is completely gone, and her withers and ribs stick out. That colt is sucking her dry! Hopefully we can get a bit of weight back on her and turn her back into a more normal looking animal.

There is, for whatever reason, still some confusion about Bay Girl and this colt, so let me try and set it straight for the final time: this is NOT HER COLT. She is a SURROGATE MARE. She carried this colt for another mare. It is NOT HERS. This is the entire reason I've been working with her - she's been a uterus and nothing more to anyone for her entire life that we know of. Hopefully with that all set straight I'll stop getting questions about whether or not I would want to own her baby if I ever ended up with her. This baby is SOMEONE ELSE'S because they were the ones who owned the other mare. Bay Girl is nothing more than a uterus for rent. She and this colt share no genetic material! He's a cutting bred QH, and I dunno what the heck she is, but she's certainly not that!

She is very much so the same sweet mare that she was before, but more alert and very protective of the colt. She bumped herself up several ranks for the sake of the baby - before she was at the bottom of the back, and now she is giving the other mare that she is turned out with (who was highly ranked above her) some serious grief about getting too close to her baby. The colt himself is very inquisitive and curious and cute - I like him. I like her a heck of a lot more, and having him around means I can't exactly just take her out and groom her whenever I want, but there you are. At some point he'll be bigger, and then we can see about getting her back to being handled a bit more.

They named the colt Elvis. Supposedly this was because he was born on the day Elvis died, but I looked it up and Elvis died on August 16th... not March 12th? Not sure about that one! The colt and I also share a birthday. Birthday twins!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy she is back. So exciting! I hope she sticks around a while.

  2. oh cute! Bay Girl must be glad to be back "home".

  3. Thanks for the update. I've been super curious!

  4. Ahh I've been dying to hear about her, I was worried it hadn't happened when we didn't hear more for a while! So glad she's back in your care, and the colt is a beauty. Does she still walk over to see you now she has the bub with her?

  5. I saw this on FB, but still wanted to say I'm happy they are back and you get to work with her some more. :D