Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day Two!

Day two of lunging went just as smoothly as day one, I am happy to report!

Hmm... maybe she has some STB in there. That trot is INSANE.

I seen to have gotten into the Texas-y habit of asking for the canter with a kissy noise instead of my usual "can-TER!" Gogo responded to the verbal cue for canter, but P responds to the kissy noise, so that may have something to do with it. Weird how that works. 
 Man, that swinging belly is kind of freakish. Let's hope a little exercise diminishes it a bit... it's keeping you all from seeing the fabulous canter that is somewhere hidden in there!


  1. That sure does look like a STB trot! Gorgeous girl. :)

  2. She may have some Morgan in her. Looking at her ADORABLE face, and her huge stride... makes me think of a mare I went to see last year, Townshend Robin Brooks. Here's a link to a picture of her incredible trot:

    And then here's Townshend Holly's Man, trotting with all four feet off the ground:

  3. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!