Sunday, September 30, 2012

Too much rain!!

Rain in north central Texas is a relatively rare thing. We can sometimes go for months without a single drop, but when it does rain, it literally does pour. For three days I've been completely unable to do anything in the roundpen with Imogen due to the steady downpours and subsequent flooding. The arenas are mushy soup, and probably won't dry out for a few days. Dangit all... not having a covered arena usually isn't a problem, but sometimes it can be a pain! P came to swim on Saturday, and she and Im met for the first time over the stall doors... no problems to report, they were both very sweet and polite! Here are the girls in their stalls not being amused with the rain:

Hopefully things will start drying out tomorrow! In the meantime, look who wore a saddepad with no issues!

Smart girl!! We'll have a surcingle on there in no time ;)


  1. I wish we had three days of heavy rain. That would be a blessing. You can see dust when you walk on the grass!

  2. woo hoo about the saddle pad!!! But boo for the rain!

  3. She's a lovely girl. Will she be sent back to the ET facility before you can buy her? Any word on that?