Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm not dead!

I'm not dead, I promise! I have tons of filly updates, goals for May, updates on the big mares, updates on everything. Alas, we are in the middle of the chaos of moving, and I have a back injury from getting trampled by a feral donkey (it's a long story). It's everything I can do right now to drag my sorry carcass out of bed and suffer painfully through the day, much less sit down and blog by the time I finally get home.

But everyone is doing well aside from that, if you call well 'acting totally insane for each other and causing me much embarrassment and much annoyance to L.' I'm sure she'll be very glad to see my screaming, filthy, awful harpies move to the new house!

More soon... if I survive, that is.


  1. They're plotting world domination, you know...

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. yikes - good luck w those feral donkeys!! (and the move - good luck w that too!)

  4. I'd be so worried about those conspiring chestnuts!

    Hope you feel better soon, donkeys are the WORST! My partners boss used to send him to do donkeys whenever he was in a foul mood, or so it seemed - ha! They have a wicked kick with those back legs and their feet are rock hard and sharp!! I imagine you will be feeling VERY sore!

    Good luck with your move also, so much excitement for you lately!

  5. Sorry about the injury!! I hope your back is feeling better now. I was wondering how you were doing after being trampled. :(