Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sterling Custom Bonnets

Let me tell you about the most gorgeous bonnet I have ever owned!

Awhile back, before Sunrise Ridge, I was searching for the perfect ear bonnet. I have a bunch of them already, including some navy ones, but I wanted to find one that was *just* right. I needed to find something that perfectly matched my show outfit, in my perfect colors. My show jacket is cream with gold flecks, and my cart is a rich and deep navy. i wanted to find something to bring the whole package together - but it would have to be custom, and perfectly matched.

That's where Sterling from Sterling Custom Bonnets came in to help me. I described my outfit to her, and told her what I had in mind - and she did the rest. She whisked off to pick up yarn, and was in contact with me when she was picking it out to make sure she found the right match. The bonnet is deep navy with a gold braid and cream trim. The cream is flecked with gold - it all flows perfectly. (I originally picked gold because my harness had brass and I was changing the hardware out on the cart to brass as well - obviously that was a giant failure, but the outfit still came out great!)

Sterling did an AWESOME job picking out the perfect yarn:

And no annoying string on it! Strings are out! 
Perfectly matches the coat!

The ensemble came out awesome at the show. We even scored a 9 on our presentation! Everyone complimented the outfit and the bonnet. And we took it on the marathon as well, where it perfectly matched our wraps/bells color combo.

I LOVE this bonnet. And I can't wait to take it to the next show!

If you're interested in Sterling's bonnets, find her on Facebook at Sterling Custom Bonnets, or on Etsy! And tell her I sent you! Thank you Sterling!


  1. It looks great! Love the color choices

  2. Glad you guys connected. That outfit is amazing!

  3. It's gorgeous!

  4. What amazing turnout! Gorgeous ladies!!

  5. Thank you so much Andrea! I'm so glad you like it!

  6. You and O looked positively smashing!

  7. You guys look amazing and this is such a timely post since I'm looking for a navy fly bonnet (or bug hat as my boyfriend calls them).

  8. O does look SUPER snazzy in that bonnet!