Sunday, March 20, 2016


SprinklerBandit recently posted a fantastic compilation of all of her Ultimate Fails. The post had me cracking up, and also thinking of all the times I've been in the same position - majorly, incredibly, humongously, blatantly, hilariously failing. 

And most of them were, naturally, with Gogo. 

(I have plenty of fail pictures of O and Pax but, for the sake of this post we'll stick with just Gogo!)

Failing to not have a broken nose 

Failing to go in a straight line

Failing to behave at her first ever event

Failing to not bolt during rehab

Failing to dressage

Failing to rehab

Failing to keep four on the floor

Failing to stand still in the ocean for pictures

Failing to canter along the beach
Failing to sensibly jump down banks

It wasn't just under saddle though. Gogo also failed to ever be friendly to other horses:

Failing to be nice to the other mares

Failing to be nice to this innocent gelding

Or that innocent gelding

Or that innocent gelding
Or that innocent gelding

Except for when she was in heat. Then, she was continuously failing to do anything except pee all over everything:

She also constantly failed to keep both herself and me intact... one of us was always injured in one way or another! ...

Despite all this, and even when we'd fail big time........

... we always managed to get it back together and make it work.

I miss her, always.


  1. That was a great post. I especially love the one about 'failing to do anything except pee all over everything'

  2. She really was the marest of them all. ❤️

  3. So much fail, but so much success. <3

  4. Gogo was a special one. She failed hardest but was also magnificent.

  5. Failing at dressage is my favorite :)

  6. I love that horse, I never even met her but I feel like I (& everyone else) knew her ♥

  7. That is a spectacular grouping of fails!