Friday, May 27, 2016

And we're off to Pine Hill.... wish us luck!

I probably won't have any time to write about the show this weekend, so you will have to wait for results - but we are off on our way in just a few minutes! It's been POURING rain all morning which made everything suck. I had to go get and hang out haybags for all the home horses - can't do that in the rain - and also had to scrub down the carriage - also can't do that in the rain. When I did get it washed and loaded, it of course slopped through the mud and is probably going to be totally dirty from wet freeway spray by the time we get down there. Oh well... I'll just have to clean it again before dressage tomorrow. 

We are up against a bunch of veteran competitors and professionals again. Some of these we beat at Sunrise Ridge. Some of them are driving green horses, but I am the definitely rookie here compared to the rest of them - the nobody. Despite this, I am super excited for this show and am looking particularly forward to the marathon, which has fast become my favorite part (and O's favorite as well). Even with my eventing history, I have never been to Pine Hill so I'm not familiar with any of it.

Time to roll.... wish us luck!

Sunrise Ridge 2015


  1. Pine Hill is beautiful! Granted, I think Brenham (about 20 mins away from PH) got 18" of rain yesterday, so be careful driving! A lot of the roads between austin and houston are majorly messed up, and they're getting still more rain.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful competition, and you guys stay safe with all the rain!

  3. I hope you and O are on the same page all weekend and have a fabulous show.

    1. That is such a great description of what happens XD