Friday, May 13, 2016

Tiny Things

Are you tired of hearing about my tiny mules yet? No? Good, because I'm going to write more about how completely adorable they are.

I've been writing a lot about Lendri lately, and with good reason really. Not only is she stupidly adorable, she just one day decided that work is fine, things are good, and we can all just proceed along as easy as you like. I guess that is just how it goes with mules though - they have to decide that they like you, and then all things can proceed smoothly from there. If they like you, they'll give it a try for you. If they don't like you, well... good luck to you. A horse that isn't overly fond of you will still be compliant, although ideally of course you want to bond with that horse and make them your friend. I don't think there is any way to force a mule to be your friend. Or force them to do anything, really. 

It's just amazing to me that this mule, who just a short time ago still wouldn't let me anywhere near her in the field, now RUNS to me every time she sees me and stands there for scratches and pets. And it wasn't because I did anything other than just handle her. She just honestly decided of her own accord that she likes me. I don't think I've ever had one that completely changed personalites on me like that before. She was so skittish, and now she is so decidedly not skittish. 

We are still long lining and lunging, now with the addtion of TINY TINY SIDEREINS. Holy crap, tiny tack is so adorable. Functional, yes, but adorable at the same time. There isn't a lot in the way of miniature tack around, but I always keep my eyes open for it, and whenever I find something really good I snatch it up. These sidereins are elastic and nylon, with lots of clips to make them adjustable. 

From her first session with the sidereins. She actually did really well! 

Dressij moole... kind of
Ummmmm SO CUTE

She has come a long way from this hairy little beast that was still actively trying to flip her lid a short while ago:

The hair doesn't help anything

Sriracha is coming right along, easy as you please. Well, except for when she isn't easy. Yesterday, I had her out and was petting her neck and back. She had a moment where she felt too pressured, zipped away to the end of her rope, completely lost her balance, and flipped right over onto her side. She stood up, looked at me, and didn't do it again. I'd say "mares" but she's not one... so I'll go with "redheads." But other than that, bit by bit we work on getting more comfortable with handling. She is letting me stand next to her shoulder while petting her, which is a big thing. Gradually, she'll become more comfortable with being touched all over, and having me stand close to and in her space without getting upset about it. 

She is engaging of her own accord when out in the field, which is great. She comes right to me and follows me around, letting me pet her face and neck while loose. I think this is really important - she knows she can leave anytime she likes when she is out loose, but she chooses to stay. 

Not related to Sriracha, now we're back to Lendri, but..... how adorable is this:

Ladies and gentlemen, the world's tiniest polos and tiniest no turn bell boots ever. Does she need them? Nope. But does she NEED THEM? YES.

Aimee says I need to do a Tiny Tack photoshoot with comparisons to Big Tack. I totally agree with this.


  1. The tiny tack is making me giggle. How cute are those polos and bell boots?!?! You have some adorable little mules, too!

  2. It is just too adorable. How do you stand it?

  3. Oh my goodness! The tiny cuteness! Lendri is looking so great! And Sriracha - what a gorgeously conformed mule!

  4. When I had my Hackney road pony, my favorite things were those tiny *exquisite* little leather quarter boots. I ought to buy some just to put on a shelf.

  5. So cute! I have a tiny tack post coming too. Tiny woof boots..omgee

  6. I still go over and squee at the little 3 1/2 eggbutt we got in the other day. It's too adorable. rofl. There's not much tiny tack in the store, though!

  7. Yep def tiny tack photo shoot. It's basically the cutest thing ever.

  8. The tiny mules are adorable so don't stop, never stop.

  9. The tack comparison would make an awesome post. She is so cute in all of her tiny gear. :D

    Sriracha is bigger than I thought she was! Also so cute!

  10. She looks much better than she did just a short while ago! I think they must get the "need to like you to do what you want" trait from the donkey side. There are two donkeys where I board, and they have always been super standoff-ish. One day I was out just grooming all the horses in the field, and happened to get close enough to run a brush over his back. Suddenly he liked me, then his gf decided to come see what was going on and decided that she rather likes me too. Now any time I go out in the field I can't get rid of them!