Friday, April 14, 2017

Catch Up Post I: Cregga Updates!

Do you ever have so much to catch up on that you just... CAN'T get started? 

Yep. I'm at that point.

But I really, really, really want to write out the really big stuff so that I can get back to documenting the much smaller things, so I have three catch-up posts to do.

Catch Up Post I: Cregga Updates
Catch Up Post II: Pax's Two FEH Shows
Catch Up Post III: Dylan's First Two USDF Rated Shows (With Me)

Obviously some HUGE things have happened in the past month and a half! I've been going crazy nonstop, between showing, working, and caring for Future Hubs while he recovers from surgery. I want to say things are calming down, but they're not. And I think they never will, at least not for the forseeable future. Not to mention the fact that my crappy satellite internet means I almost never have reliable internet whenever I actually have a moment to sit down. Actually at the time of this writing, my internet isn't working, and I'm just waiting for it to magically decide to come back so I can post this. 

But, I still want to document the life of my very special baby horse, and my very special stallion, and my very Special-With-A-Capital-S two year old. These things are worth making time for. They're worth remembering.

Cregga is now SIX WEEKS OLD. Where did the time go!? How did this even happen!? And this post is definitely going to be PHOTO HEAVY to say the least!

She is enormous. She's pushing 12 hands and she's only six weeks old. I hope she slows down, because holy crap. She's taller than Zoodle already. 

Right after the last post about her, I turned her and O back out with Dylan, as soon as O came out of her foal heat. She's been back in heat since but has been too obsessed with her baby to think about anything else, and Dylan keeps a respectful distance when she's going all Mama Bear on him. This cross is really REALLY nice so we are going to repeat for next year, and if it's a colt it is already tentatively spoken for!

To say Dylan is in love with dad duty is an understatement. He is full on herd stallion with his own mare and foal now, and he's into it. He's perfectly gentle and easy to handle - you can go in there and do whatever you want to his family, and it doesn't bother him one bit. He's also very quiet and attentive, still going to the far end of the field to patrol, but taking his kid along with him on these walks. For the first couple of weeks that they were out together, O did NOT allow him to interact with the baby, and would fiercely chase him off if he tried to approach of his own accord. Now, the baby goes to him, and spends quite a lot, if not most, of her time with him. I'm not gonna lie, it's adorable. He is very gentle, but firm with her at the same time. As a result, she's a no-nonsense baby who never is a pest and never kicks, strikes, nibbles, or does any of that nonsense that Pax did as a baby. It helps when adults discipline their children, who knew!?

I have a BOATLOAD of photos of the family:

13 days old, the day before we turned her out with dad

WTF is dad doing?

First day outside in the big pasture! Two weeks old:

That canter tho

O 2.5 weeks out from giving birth and looking like she's ready to go to the show. She's gotten a little sagger in the past two weeks though, she's looking more like a mom than a show horse at the moment!

3 weeks old and she's a BEEF


4 weeks old

Best friends with dad

Yes, that is Cregga trying to nurse on Dylan, and Dylan going wtf are you doing child

As you can see, she hates people and is totally disagreeable:

Future Hubs with Pax at 4 weeks, and Cregga at 5 weeks, for size comparison. Holy crap!!

Six weeks old and she can MOVE!:

And also get sweaty when dad is working. Shedding out to grey already!

Six weeks old and a big girl, big enough to eat her creep feed and wear a halter and give to some pressure. We don't tie tiny babies obviously, but she already has graduated from butt rope to being led like an adult horse, so she is understanding pressure very well

Whew!! I am going to make a page like I have for Pax too, the best pictures of her through the months.

Next up, I have show reports to go over! Then we can get back to business as usual. If I ever find time anyway!


  1. She's gorgeous - you look so happy with her too!

  2. Holy cow, she's gorgeous and huge!

  3. She is BEAUTIFUL! Love all these photos and updates!

  4. She's so adorable and SO HUGE OMG!

  5. She's stunning! Going to be a giant!

  6. She totally has her daddy's ears!!! SO CUTE!!!

  7. She is such an impressive baby, you must be over the moon. I adore every image of her with her daddy; it's strange to imagine that a big ol' stallion could possibly be cuter and more adorable than a wee baby foal, but gosh he's coming close! Those shots of him with her are gorgeous. He looks so in love. What a good father!

  8. Wow, Cregga's a big girl! I wonder if this is common in Andalusian and Andalusian crosses (correct me if I'm wrong, but Dylan is an Andalusian). A friend showed me pictures of an Andalusian foal as a newborn and at 2 weeks old: it was quite large for a newborn, and very beefy at 2 weeks.