Sunday, April 30, 2017

Photo Dump

Photo Dumps are my favorite. Who doesn't love a picture heavy post?

Thanks for bringing me your flymask after you took it off, at least...


He's special

Oh yeah.... forgot how much FUN it is to hack a hormonal stallion in the springtime!

Been riding Big Frank a lot lately! He's not very sound on hills because of some arthritis in his knees, but a joint supplement and the occasional gram of bute keep him a happy guy

Pax is getting big! I mean, not BIG as in horse size big, but just growing up in general big

Wet Frank showing off his gate smashing handiwork 

He no likey the ear bonnet

Lunging with convenient use of cavaletti-made-of-stud-pile


Sriracha needs a bath

Getting squashed

Dylan's display of fame.... we always decorate this area for holidays. Show season is a holiday!

Big Frank is like a giant slow moving Ent, and I am a small hobbit

Lunging Zoodle, with Cregga helping. She is WAY taller than him already

Lariat halter! Helps with pulling - a LOT!

Giant itchy baby. GIANT

Pmare is getting her dapples back

Play with meeeee

He comes by the nickname Dilly Dirtball honestly

Zoodle and his bit

Babies helping with chores

Baby's first Spanish haircut. I roached her mane for the sake of tradition. Ok, so you don't have to do partbreds, but... I love it on her anyway. 

Going grey fast

The butt patch is because I was clipping O, and decided hey! this is a great time to learn about clippers

That canter tho

What she thinks about me lunging her dad

Baby's first bathtime. They always act like you are spraying them with acid at first, then they get really into it


  1. Ok, I am two margaritas in, so I apologize if this is too forward, but high five to you for all of this. You have such an awesome, healthy, happy, well-trained randomly assorted menagerie that you clearly love, and a kickass supportive significant other in Mo, Dillon the Dressage all-star, and a career that you rock. I've been following your blog probably since 2010, and it's always possible to get the wrong impression, but you've never seemed so happy and balanced across the board as you seem to be right now. I'm equal parts jealous and totally happy for you. High five!

  2. No margaritas here, and I second all of the above!

    1. Thirded, and I'm only high on bubbly water and a super squeal-fest of beautiful horsey pics. That photo of them together snuffling around the wheelbarrow struck me in that they are so different but all so damn lucky and happy to be together in your all-comers family. Love your happy healthy herd, and love that you're so happy! <3

  3. Awh the babies are so cute!