Sunday, June 18, 2017

Another Photo Dump

As usual I have all sorts of good photos to share from this past month.

Zu will be 3 in July! Wearing a bridle and surcingle and lunging so much better 

Ehhh.... right. They obviously can't actually breed since he's gelded and they're sterile anyway but they like to... posture. 


Never. Ending. 


Frank has been shedding for 5 months now. Next year I'm just going to clip him and be done with it

Pmare looking sort of eh going into summer. She is 21 now

Mules... so sassy. 


Pax has started cycling regularly and Frank is the recipient of all her affections. 

Zoodle lunging like a champ

Sriracha  also lunging, with surcingle and bridle 

Did I mention I broke my big toe and dislocated my thumb recently...

Free jumping

Ladies looking shiny

More lunging!



Another mule! Wait no it's just Pax


  1. the little mooles are SO cute <3 and everyone else is looking fantastic! (minus your toe, that looks very painful)

  2. Poor Pax! Those ears aren't *that* big.. relatively?