Thursday, June 1, 2017

End of May Analysis; June Goals!

I'm still waiting for the pictures from the last working equitation show to post, so I'll keep holding off on that post until I get them. In the meantime, I wanted to go over my May and June goals! I blogged very little in May, but I think that's just how it's going to be for awhile. I just don't have much time these days!


O-Ren May:
1) Continue being a good momma horse!
Success! We are trying to get her bred back for another one next year but so far have been completely unsuccessful.

Cregga May:
1) Continue learning about leading, brushing, feet handling, bathing, and clipping
Success! So far she is good about everything except water, which she hates. She has been bathed but she thinks it's terrible, and she's not very fond of spray or flymasks either. Just like her father! She went with her mother to the vet the other day and stood quietly, loaded on the trailer with only minimal fuss, led like a perfectly quiet little adult lady, and charmed everyone.

Dylan May:
1) More lessons! As usual!
Sort of success - I have been so busy and it's been such chaos that I've only had time for one lesson. One lesson is still more than 0 though. This coming month I will have lessons with both Tarrin and Louisa, which will be great.

2) Start putting together 4th level tests - decide in snaffle or in double?
I'm still back and forth about which bridle to go in. I put him in a pehlam for WE, and am still not sure if I like it or not. I do really like how he goes in his snaffle, and I'm still learning the finer points of the double. So I need practice in the double, but I also need to be mindful of what I am doing for WE.

3) Show in and complete the 3rd Heart of Texas series show
Success! And I'll write about that as soon as I have the pics!

4) Take a look at the show calendar and decide the plan for the summer/fall
Started to do this but didn't finish. In June I have two lessons/clinics with Tarrin and a WE show here in Decatur. In July, there is a WE show at Haras which I have been wanting to go to, but other than that July is awfully hot and it'll be boiling down there in Magnolia. It will be worth it though to go check out the Haras facility, as I hear that the Haras Cup is completely bonkers and chaotic to a level almost unheard of around here. Apparently it's one nonstop raging party and there's a horseshow inconveniently in the way. Dylan doesn't care about any of that, but it could still be a bit hair raising.

Pangea/Frank May:
1) Pony some babies - maybe! 
Didn't do this.... didn't have time!

2) Frank especially - head out for more trails! Ride 1x a week locally for short trail rides
Also didn't do this... I had been riding him a lot through April but not much in May. I've just been too busy and it's HOT now!

Pax/Uma May:
1) Off duty for the rest of the year! Show season is over so just getting pulled out and groomed/trimmed every 2 weeks 
Success! That I did do. They're enjoying just being babies and growing up!

Zu May:
1) Go off property with Dylan for lessons
Haven't done this, but I will this month I hope!

2) Lunging with harness
Success! A bit, anyway. There is more to be done but he is coming along well in his lunging. He is a tough little cookie and can be very argumentative. 

3) Wearing bridle
Success! He likes the little mullen mouth half cheek and will be wearing it more.

4) Start back with long lining, small amounts, if lunging is going well
Not yet... not yet. But it will come. I will need Future Hubs' help with getting him to connect the dots - he will need to lead him. 

Sriracha May:
1) Lunging - walk and trot
Success! She's done very well so far.

2) Wearing bridle
She has not worn her bridle this month, but I expect to this month, now that I have more time.

3) Wearing harness
She has not worn her harness this month - but again, this month I intend to do that. 


O-Ren June:
1) Continue being a good momma horse!
2) Try and successfully get bred, finally... we are almost out of time for this year. 

Cregga June:
1) Continue learning about leading, brushing, feet handling, bathing, and clipping!
2) Send in registration papers

Dylan June:
1) More lessons! Both dressage and WE!
2) Continue working on pirouettes and 4-tempis - working towards 4th level!
3) Compete in the Decatur WE show!

Pangea/Frank June:
1) Pony some babies - maybe! 
2) Frank especially - head out for more trails! If it's not too hot!

Pax/Uma June:
1) Grooming/trimming every 2 weeks 

Zu June:
1) Go off property with Dylan for lessons
2) Lunging with harness
3) Wearing bridle
4) Start back with long lining, small amounts, if lunging is going well

Sriracha June:
1) Lunging - walk and trot
2) Wearing bridle
3) Wearing harness


Soon I'll have the pictures in and can write about the last show. I also have some photo dumps and of course more CREGGA! Here's Frank and his giant head and leaky old eye, getting an ear scratching.

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