Friday, February 3, 2017

Darby, One Year Later

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Darby's death. Even though she was only technically mine for 8 months, I had known her for a few years prior to that, and had always felt deeply connected to her. 

The question of, "why did you bring that useless old cripple home when she was just going to die?" was asked a few times. To that, I still have no answer beyond, "because I could." And I would do it again, and again. I would rescue a Darby a million times over. It was worth every day to see her out enjoying life. 

I miss her very much. And I did the right thing to let her go when I did. I'm not sad about it, not anymore. 

Darby on her last day

We miss you old girl, but we know you're in a much better place.


  1. It's never really easy and it's often heartbreaking. I think it's such a gift to be able to do this for them when it's time.