Thursday, February 2, 2017

February Goals!

In the midst of recapping 2016 and making my 2017 goals, I seem to have missed writing out my January goals! That's all right through, I had kind of a hit and miss month. I was sick for a full week, I felt really terrible about the election, and it rained quite a lot. That said, we were still busy this month, and now we are about to gear up into February!


O-Ren February:
1) Continue to be a big fat relaxing preggo momma horse! 
2) Get her final pre-foaling shots
3) Make sure all foaling supplies are on hand!

Dylan February:
1) More lessons! More more more!
2) Continue putting together 3rd/4th level and Intermediate (WE) level dressage tests
3) Show in the Heart of Texas WE show mid-month!
4) Make sure all paperwork and memberships are set for the start of the season! March is around the corner!

Pangea/Frank December:
1) Continue using them as pony animals for the babies!
2) Otherwise, enjoy semi-retirement!

Pax December:
1) Be ponied off P and Frank regularly
2) Go off property for adventures!
3) Continue wearing a bridle and doing general handling/baby school stuff!
4) Send in entry for FEH in March!

Zu December:
1) Continue lunging and start with more long lining!
2) Ponies with P and Frank!
3) Toss him on the trailer whenever I take Dylan or anyone else off property! 

Uma/Sriracha/Lendri: November:
1) Continue general handling 1x week
2) Sriracha: Start back with lunging!


Pax was a nasty little hellion yesterday when we were working on clippers - she decided she was not having it, and after she set back a few times and flung herself around, she turned her butt towards me and fired off a number of double barrels. I'm lucky I was not closer to her because she would have really hurt me. I had to get a dressage whip and spank her out of my space every time she spun her butt at me, but thankfully she did get the message after a minute or two or that. Today she redeemed herself by wearing a saddle and bridle without issues. She needs more ear work and definitely clipper work... little brat!

Look at all that forelock... I have to braid it otherwise it gets in her eyes and they swell shut!

Big Frank is the biggest and frankest of them all


Sriracha after a fresh roach! A poorly done one, since the clippers were dull... oh well

Uma is the only mule on my property that has kept her mane... and only because the clippers dulled! She is awfully cute with that floofy mane though 

I have more about lessons and our show scheduling coming up.... stay tuned!


  1. The mooles are so cute! Happy you seem
    happier this month!

  2. Big Frank is my spirit animal <3

  3. Even if she is a little helion she's a cute one ;)