Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 325, Comedy of Errors Style

Well wouldn't you know my luck. Last night O was testing very close to imminent, and I fretted all night about whether or not I should stay home, or go to the show. I pretty much knew my answer by 5am - safer to scratch and watch my mare than to risk driving off and having her foal alone.

At 7am, she started to get restless. She hadn't eaten much all night, and was stretching out like she had to pee, but wouldn't. She then went right into pawing, sweating, and trotting around. Yes, literally trotting in circles. Around and around she went, only stopping to paw. This is it, I thought! This is labor!

Aaaaaand two hours went by. Three hours. She stopped and took a nap. She started up again. Then she stopped. Started. Stopped. It was impossible to tell how much of her irritation and tail swishing was due to the flies that had come out by this time. But after six or so hours, I felt pretty confident that the baby was just repositioning. 

Damnit mare. I scratched from a series show for this! Did I mention we were supposed to be at a WE show? I will have more on that soon, because we did go for our dressage on Saturday! EOH and speed were today but obviously I stayed home. Because my life is a comedy of errors.

So late afternoon comes around and the sky gets black. I check the forecast - oh great. Tornados. Yes, tornados. We are supposed to have hail and tornados. Fml. Comedy of errors. 

With much grumbling and heaving, I dismantled the pen and moved the entire thing into the front pasture so that it could be placed in her shed. I sectioned it off half for her with a run, and half for Dylan. At dinnertime, I checked her milk again, and she is even closer than she was before - now decidedly in the 95% category. We should have a baby within 12 hours but since my life is a comedy of errors I guarantee nothing!

So once I have done all of this I realize that I can't see her in her shed. I didn't even think about putting up a camera but it orrcurs to me that I can run to the store and get a baby monitor easily enough. I drive off with the clouds hanging low, picked a suitable monitor, and came home. I set the whole thing up, turned on the screen, and... The screen is cracked. It's faulty.

Comedy of errors.

Back to the store.

The second time was the charm... The monitor is up and working. And now.... We wait.


  1. Fingers crossed and lots of positive happy bouncing baby thoughts coming your way!

  2. Grey tempestuous storm clouds heralding the birth of your new baby. Tempest is a good name, methinks! Good luck for both the weather and the bub.

  3. First thing I did this morning when I woke up was check your page for baby pictures just in case 😂 so close!!!

  4. Woohoo!!! Foal has turned. Baby in 12-24 hours!! Go O!

  5. I've been stalking your blog all day, lol. Any news?!!