Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Poor Pangea. When she tumbled off the trailer onto Texas soil, she had no idea she'd fallen into the snares of a grooming maniac. (No seriously. Gogo used to walk out of her stall completely ungroomed looking this sparkly. Notice the shavings in her tail? Completely untouched by grooming tools. I just kept her THAT clean!) She looked like a bit of a hot mess - so much hair! so much dirt! - and there was no way I was going to live with that!

"Ummmm... what are you going to do to me?"

Ohhhhh dear. Well this will never do. This is also a lesson on how to make your horse look as unflattering as possible. Notice the excess hair, long scraggly mane, beard, raggedy tail, and most awkward pose ever. I promise she's not built so horribly in real life. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Ohhhhhh dear....

Well that's gotta go.

MUCH better.

Uh ohhhhh....

Phew, all better!

I also did her scraggly, thin, gnarly mane.... I had to cut it with scissors instead of pull it because it was too thin and long!

My clippers were uncharged, so I couldn't get rid of all her crazy whiskers, but I managed to give a scissor cut to the worst of her mare-beard. She looks less like a circus side show bearded lady now, and more like a real lady instead.


Now THAT'S a pretty mare! Can you imagine how nice she'll look with some topline on her?

Tomorrow she'll get a bath (it will be 80 degrees!) and then she will finally look like a REAL respectable horse!


  1. She looks cute! I'm sure you'll get her all shiny and happy. I am a bit confused though, what did you do to her tail? Did you cut it?

  2. <-- good article on pulling tails (it's an eventer thing). However, instead of pulling I used my old standby, scissors! You can't tell the difference, and let's face it, she's not going to be under the scrutiny of a CCI judge anytime soon. ;)

    I am the tailmaster... here's Gogo's tail!:

    1. Ahhh alright. It does look nice, really clean. It's just absolutely unheard of in western to touch your horse's tail with scissors (or pull it for that matter) but I must say it looks really clean when you do.

  3. She's lookin' good! Now she just needs a bit of topline and she's gonna look like a million bucks! What a cute mare!

  4. Tailmaster!!!!!!! Please take before and after BATH pictures!!!! Also, how tall is she? I'm having a hard time even guessing from her photos and her love for awkward posing.

  5. Ditto on tail obsessions. I can't wait to see Pancake blossom!

  6. I hear ya about the grooming thing. This was how sparkly Ozzy used to be in his pasture before I even CAUGHT him:

  7. I know this is a different post but for a new blog name how about...Drifting Together Again, remaking Pangaea. It honors how fate has brought her to your life again. And I can't help but prefer the Pangaea spelling too!

  8. Fantastic to hear you will be writing about her :) I am too very much interested in the hoofcare/horse management side of things you blogged on Gogo's blog and will look forward to reading more.

    Title..."Journey Through Pangea"...?

    (it will be a journey of sorts to get to know her truly, explore character etc see life "through" her eyes/body, travel through life with her and on her)

  9. How did you get GoGo's tail to look so incredible?? It is so long, shiney, and full...

    Also about being the grooming queen... I am a maniac about grooming (Houston my new guy does not understand what he has gotten into) but I can't control that the beast has a mud detector built into his brain... If there is a way to get as gross as possible... He's gonna find it... Now how do you teach that?? Haha You got lucky with a mare that didn't set out to make grooming a full time job!

    I look forward to reading more about your new lady! :)

  10. I love that quizzical look on her face at the beginning! She's so pretty, but is bound to become even more so after a good soaping.

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only grooming fanatic. I always get comments on how awesome Chrome looks in the middle of the winter and all I do it groom him regularly lol.

    Thank you for sharing the link for the tails. My husband's Percheron needs some serious tail help. It's way to thick and curly. :)

    I can't wait to see the bath pictures! She looks fantastic already.