Sunday, August 12, 2012

And then, he ate her tail.

Poor Bay Girl. Poor, poor Bay Girl. Not only does she have an enormous pendulous gut, but now the little bit of her tail that she had left has been mostly consumed by the Red Pest. Awww MAN! It was so pathetic to begin with too.

Some detangler and a quick bang later and I seem to have made it somewhat more presentable...

Even the Tailmasta (that's me) can't do a full revival on this one. It's pathetic.

And the enormous belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger.... definitely concerning. Since she still isn't mine yet, I am limited in what I can do for her, especially since Elvis is still nursing. A fecal and a deworming, starting a quality probiotic, and switching to a better quality forage are all on the immediate to-do list once I get her home. (Still no word from the repro facility.. sigh.)

Elvis is 5 months old today, and you know what that means: weaning time is now just ONE MONTH away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That's a bummer! Those darn children.

  2. My mare's tail has always looked like that; hers is beyond saving. I feel your pain.

    Exciting that she will be child free in the very near future! Now if only they'd get back to you.

  3. Dang kids go on ruining your figure and your looks long after they're out! Gosh that belly's big though, it really looks staggeringly huge in that shot. She does look lovely and shiny though. Maybe you'll hear from them soon given they'll need to plan something else to do with her once RP's gone..

  4. Pardon me if this is the world's stupidest question, but, when a lady's midsection... keeps expanding... one does wonder if perhaps there is a bun in the oven. Any chance Bay Girl is expecting again??? Her owners seem so devoted (not you!) *eyeroll* that this would not surprise me in the very least.

    1. Yeah, is it possible that when she went to another facility for a while that it was because she is having another embryo transfer baby?

    2. ... God, I hope not.. that would just be horrendous. If it's true it would have been near immediately after she'd birthed as she came back to Andrea not long after that, I'm sure it was within a month or so and Le Pest was still quite small. What a miserable life these poor mares lead. :'(((

    3. It seems like they would have made it common knowledge if she was in foal again, at least to make sure she got checkups and proper nutrition. That is, unless they don't do that sort of thing.

      Wasn't there a post that she belongs to a stallion station? Maybe one of their stallions got loose when she was in her foal heat. Just speculation, but her belly is awful big.

  5. Doing a write up on it today ;)