Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Daily Grind

Winter is happily plodding along here in north central Texas. It hasn't been bad, or cold, or crummy, or wet, or much of anything really at this point. We've had days in the 80's, and days in the 40's, but mostly everything lingers in the low 60's during the day and mid 40's at night. I finally broke down and bought poor O some blankets that actually fit her - the Rambo that fit her last year got destroyed by Tre, and the Tough-1 peace sign sheet that also fits her is THE most unbreathable piece of garbage I've ever put on a horse. NEVER will spend money on that kind of trash again.
I found a used 75" Hug heavyweight, which hopefully will keep the shoulder rubs at bay, and also found a 75" used Weatherbeeta sheet. I've had really good luck with Weatherbeetas over the years, I have two that are fast approaching a decade old and still kicking. They're just, you know.... HUGE on O. The red plaid medium weight turnout seems to fit ok enough, but it's still too big... I'll have to be on the lookout for a medium too. 

Also, apparently this year winter = FOG. Last winter it was Snicy Death, the winter before was Warm Sunny 70s for Five Months, winter before that was a mix of things. This winter seems to be 60's and FOG EVERYWHERE EVERY DAY. Every Texas winter is a total surprise.

O had Sunday and Monday off (and Sunday was the local driving club's holiday party, and I got two pretty amazing show hats in the little Secret Santa type gift exchange!), and then got back to work on Tuesday with a lunge. I started her off in the Faux-ssoa, but she REALLY wanted to stretch, so I stopped her and rigged it up at the chambon. 

Moment of enthusiastic head-shake

After her canter, she got SUPER zoomy and braced against the chambon with her head in the air and her nose poking straight out. She kept going roundy round in this fashion for a little while; when she didn't relax, I stopped her again and re-rigged it back to the Faux-ssoa position, and she was excellent. When we turned around, I kept her at the Faux-ssoa position until she wanted to stretch, then put her back to the chambon. It was kind of complicated but actually worked really well. It was quite a workout!

Today was a fitness day, albeit a short one. Just to stretch her out and get in a short drive, we did a short mile up and down the road on a long and floppy rein. I'm not quite sure how to do fitness in a cart beyond roadwork - most of our fields are rutty and bouncy, and not really drivable, not to mention full of cows and things to spook at (and opening/closing gates). I made the mistake of deleting the MapMyRun app on my phone awhile back, and now my phone is too full of junk to download anything else. I will have to think of something else.

I have to say, trotting down the road on a long floppy rein in a nice cadenced trot was SO enjoyable. Looking back at just how far this mare has come, I have to say that this is not something I ever would have thought possible earlier in the year.

Paparazzi can go away now please

Check out how the old saggy bat is looking! She is now officially at 7 months and looking BIG. Granted, she has no topline at all so gravity isn't exactly helping, but for her age (fast approaching 19), she looks great. I am a little bit stuck on trying to decide if we want to breed her back to anything next year. Given her age, I'm running out of time to make that decision. I guess it largely depends on what she ends up producing!


  1. That clip job!! Teach me your ways.

  2. I love her clip!!! I bow to the clipmasta!

  3. So awesome! And P is looking so plump!

  4. I love the navy on O! Gorgeous!!!

    P looks so pregnant!! I bet it will be easier to decide once she foals. If it goes really smoothly and the foal is great, then it is definitely something to consider. Are you hoping for a filly or a colt? I can't wait until she foals!!

  5. I judge people who buy cheap blankets when they can afford better. >.<

    Not saying you can afford better, but I hate to see folks ride in an Antares, then turn around and chuck a Tough 1 on the poor horse.

    1. Would you buy your teenager a Mercedes that they are probably going to ruin, just because you can afford it? I sure hope not.

      They're going to ruin blankets. They live outside. Even if I had all the money in the world, I wouldn't spend hundreds on something they're going to destroy.

    2. Your very specific analogy made me giggle. Nope, we didn't grow up in Oakland county or anything :)

    3. It was very Cranbrook-ian of me...
      Do you remember that orange jeep I had when I was a teenager? Man I tore that thing UP. Destroyed it. My parents should have known better than to give me a nice new car.
      I suppose though, in the horse world and in the people world, buying more expensive things for your charges automatically means that you love them more, or something.

  6. Don't worry, it was one S had that she gave to me to try for a few bucks. Thought it would be great... but it sucked. I refuse to buy gazillion dollar equipment for my horses that are going to just destroy it if I can use something cheaper!

  7. That navy looks AWESOME on her. Real subtle and classy.

    And as always, love P mare.

  8. Not all Tough 1's are bad...I got a heavy turnout for a horse I was leasing last year and its been fantastic.

    I vote for getting your shortlist of stallions ready. If all goes well in 4 months you're gonna want to be prepared!

  9. Always love the P Mare updates :)

  10. I'm sure you will come to your correct decision in due time, but as suggested above have a list of stallions on the ready. If you were worried about her age, give her a year off and rejoin for the season after, it just gives her body that extra time to recoup, The foals will have a extra year between them to give you more time to spend on the first. It really depends how many foals you intend to get out of her at this time in her life and when you intend to retire her. It also depends how much she puts into her foals.