Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More WE Practice

O's leg tonight was about 90% better under wraps. I slathered it yesterday with DMSO, but didn't need to repeat another application. Under plain wraps, it was well down this evening - so down that I decided to leave the wraps off for the night and see how she does. I may regret that, but hopefully she will be all right! If not, wraps go back on in the morning. But I am pleased with the way her cut is looking.

This afternoon and evening, I scrubbed my harness, cleaned out my trailer tack room, washed all my leg boots and towels, loaded water buckets into the trailer, and carefully put my completed outfit into the tack room. I still need to go over my dressage test, check over all the posted competitor info (soooo much info), load hay and put fresh shavings in the trailer, wash the carriage and load my spares kit, and check in with B2 about times. Along with a million other things. On Friday, I work in the morning, then in the afternoon I head out to Paradise to go walk the course and get my packet. Since we live so close, I'm trailering in for both days - no need to stable, especially since I need to come home anyway and feed the rest of the herd. I lucked out with a dressage time that is nearly at 3pm - I get to rest up, bathe her in daylight, load my carriage at my relative leisure, and head out around midday to the show grounds. Not bad! As usual I am starting to get the pre-show jitters. There is always SO MUCH to remember at an HDT. You have to remember to pack one million things, remmeber a complicated cones course with nearly 20 cone pairs, remember six marathon hazards and all the gates within them, remember all your times, remember to breathe!! 

It poured today, but Monday it was bright and Sunny, and I did some more rudimentary WE practice with Dylan. We're still not terribly good at anything but we're trying! In this video you'll see us doing sidepass poles (which he should be doing in renvers, but he barely can get over them at all so we're just starting where we start), double slalom poles, figure-8, carrying the garrocha, and a few other things. 

We're starting to get a bit better. I think! I'm not riding like a complete sack of potatos anymore anyway. 


  1. Y'all look great! He is crossing nicely on the sidepass poles and he looks amazing at the figure eight. I wish I could get Ashke to lift his feet the way Dylan does when backing.

    I think you are going to rock at this sport!!

  2. Your field looks like fairy land with a magic horse dancing in it.

    Not what I expect from Texas. ;-)

  3. Gah, Dylan is so majestic. I just like watching you ride him. It's literally poetry in motion.

  4. Good luck at the show!!

  5. Nice work!

    Dylan doesn't have any trouble getting under himself does he?! Looks like pirouettes will (or do) come naturally. Love me some Baroque horse. :D
    Good luck!

  6. I think you guys look fantastic!! I love watching you ride him. :D