Friday, May 5, 2017

May Goals!

Since I missed out on so much blogging, I haven't had any goals up for a bit. Here are our May goals! 


O-Ren May:
1) Continue being a good momma horse!

Cregga May:
1) Continue learning about leading, brushing, feet handling, bathing, and clipping

Dylan May:
1) More lessons! As usual!
2) Start putting together 4th level tests - decide in snaffle or in double?
3) Show in and complete the 3rd Heart of Texas series show
4) Take a look at the show calendar and decide the plan for the summer/fall

Pangea/Frank May:
1) Pony some babies - maybe! 
2) Frank especially - head out for more trails! Ride 1x a week locally for short trail rides

Pax/Uma May:
1) Off duty for the rest of the year! Show season is over so just getting pulled out and groomed/trimmed every 2 weeks 

Zu May:
1) Go off property with Dylan for lessons
2) Lunging with harness
3) Wearing bridle
4) Start back with long lining, small amounts, if lunging is going well

Sriracha May:
1) Lunging - walk and trot
2) Wearing bridle
3) Wearing harness


You may have noticed Lendri is not on the list. Last month, she went on trial to a new home - she is currently with one of my clients, as a companion for her chronic founder. She was not going to make it as a driving mule, it was becoming increasingly obvious to me. My client had repeatedly said that she wanted a moole just like mine, and a spotted one just like mine to boot. One day I went.... why not her? She is currently at their place living with the foundered horse and they love each other. It is giving the foundered horse companionship, and is good for Lendri too because her diet is controlled (she's plenty fat!) and she also keeps the foundered horse gently on the move, which he needs. I get to see her every 3 weeks on the dot, and if it ever doesn't work out, she comes home to me. It really is a win win situation. I could not have found a better home for her - and would not have let her to go any other.

Pmare will be 21 this month... still looking pretty good!

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  1. Dem dapples.. Pangea looks fantastic. Lendri's new home sounds perfect for her and for her new best friend too. <3