Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's official, she's a rabicano!

Well, we can officially say that Bay Girl is now, erm.... Rabicano Girl? Ok, not really, but she IS rabicano for sure!

She says please help me, I am having a very bad hair day.

Much better. Also, that is her extremely exasperated face.... check out the red colt eating her lead rope. He is such a pest... it's hard to scold him when he chews on me or does something naughty, because it scares her to death whenever I make any sort of a bossy move at all, even if it is directed at him and not her.

Here's the rabicano proof up close!

Note the specific pattern of the white barring on her tail. That is classic rabicano. And if you look VERY closely - and trust me, I had to look closely too because I had never noticed it before now! - you can see the VERY subtle roaning on her flanks, right at the stifle/flank junction. Rabicano it is!

So far, the name "Bay Girl" has just stuck along with her, kind of as homage to her nameless past... but now that it doesn't even really accurately describe her anymore, I feel like it really is time to give her a new name. But I have no idea WHAT name!

Also, remember how I was describing the very, very, VERY saggy mom-belly? This is what I am talking about:

The anti-topline is obviously explainable, but the vast belly is a bit concerning. It is more vast than I would expect for a regular-sized mare who is currently nursing but is open... hmmm. Thoughts?


  1. Her belly will get smaller. I had a thoroughbred mare that foaled last year. She stayed big for a while but slowly got her figure back...I'd say it was 5-6 months before she started looking less broodmare like.

  2. ...hmmm... I've seen a lot of horses gray out like that with age...

  3. Dom, it's in too specific of a linear pattern to be graying. Also, she's only about 8 or 9 years old.

  4. First time commenter, love all three of your blogs! I have always vibed with the name Bay Girl for her; it just seemed to fit her. But now that she's not bay... I like Nikita. Its exotic and smart and has lots of nickname possibilities ( Niki, Kita, know) or something like that. But she needs a smart name definately:)

  5. Rabaycano Girl, now! Any news on the make-an-offer front? You should call her Enigma, or Lisha's Secret (Lisha = full of mystery [African]), or something of the sort, as that's exactly what she's been for so long; an enigma wrapped up in a mystery (with a giant orange baby wrapped up inside). She's not even the colour you thought she was anymore, tricksy creature.

  6. Her big mama belly will go away in time... we have a mare who looks as big as the barn for 6 months or so after she foals.

  7. The exasperated face is PRICELESS! Her belly does look a wee bit swollen, but then, she did carry that mutant baby. I suppose many of us would have a disgusting midsection if we carried something like that around!