Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bleaching Baby, Perfect Displayed In One Photo

It's hot in Texas.

This is in the shade

Everything is roasting, or literally just on fire.

Bad day at the paper recycling plant

My beautiful, glossy, super-dark baby has lightened from what was a promising shade of liver chestnut to the color of baby-poop-brown. 

When she has a bath, I can still pretend that she is dark.

The wet hides the shame
But the truth still stands: everything is several shades lighter than it was.

Except for one thing.

Pax has been wearing her flymask since pretty much we moved here - sometimes I take it off at night and put it back on in the pre-dawn light, and sometimes I leave it on 24/7 (and that goes for all of them.... I tried to leave O's mask off last night and this morning she had one eye nearly swelled shut from the overnight bugs. Fail). Given the fact that I take Pax's mask off at night and put it back on before dawn, I haven't really looked closely at the color of her face beyond "do you still have two eyes today? Good."

Then I realized something.

She's been wearing this nice UV-protectant mask all summer, but everything else has been bleaching. 


Mask of Zorro

It's, uhh... not *that* noticable.... is it? 

Ohhhhhhhhhh dear. 


  1. Whoops! Summer turnout sheet time :)

  2. Hahahah I like the zorro look ;)

  3. Well at least you know she's still pretty under the bleaching?

    uuuuuuh that's pretty bad. But hilarious.

  4. Oh, that must drive you crazy, knowing how fastidious you are about coat condition. It's cute though, and really, how on earth could you combat those sun rays? I wish I could find a sustainable answer for full-body sunscreen!