Thursday, August 27, 2015

T-Minus One Week Until Approvals!

Approvals is only ONE WEEK away now!! I'm excited but also feeling a bit anxious. Pax is going through an awkward growth phase and P is not sound (which is normal). I did my best to try and keep  P in some kind of vague shape, and dumped food into her, but she still looks saggy and old. Nursing a baby is hard work and it takes a lot of resources out of the mare. It has been SUPER hot and humid this summer, so both P and Pax stood around sweating and sunbleaching their coats. They have a shed, and trees, but did they go stand under them? No, of course not.... ah well. I'd rather have healthy beasts than beasts that have been standing in their stalls for the sole sake of saving their coats. In the grand scheme of things, Approvals is not that important - as long as Pax gets papers and a brand, that is all I really care about. 

As is my usual, I like to start planning out my to-do list for an upcoming event at least a week in advance. A month ago, I sent in my reservation for the event, and found all of the necessary paperwork (breeding certs, P's papers, etc). A few weeks ago, I ordered a leather halter for Pax, and while it was still a hair big then, it should fit a little bit better now. It's a really nice halter!

So pretty

This morning, I dug around and found a bunch of spare bridle parts in my trailer for P. I use a few different schooling bridles, but none of them were appropriate for Approvals, and my nicer bridles all either don't fit or have been sold in the recent past. P is funny about bits too - she hates them - but I found a rubber d-ring that she seems to tolerate fairly well. I might add a flash to it, but I have to find a spare one floating around. I know I have several *somewhere*. The bridle is dried out and old, so it needs a good conditioning too!

Skeptical of these shenanigans

Did you notice something odd in that picture behind P? Something tiny? I have a whole story to tell about that tiny, tiny thing - and will share it shortly!

B2 is helping me handle the beasts. We are still deciding on how we want to do it - Pax will probably misbehave, so I want to handle her, but I also want to be in all the good pictures, so I might switch off and trot P out myself. Also I would feel bad if Pax mowed B2 over while they were running around!

Today's Approvals To-Do List:
Clean bridle and set aside
Get Pax's halter and lead and set aside
Get all paperwork out and organized
Find Coggins (for O and P)
Figure out what is still needed - like brown yarn for Pax braids, etc.

This Weekend/Early Week:
Clean out and ready horse trailer
Get trailer spare repaired
Meet up with B2 and make sure our clothes fit (she picked us up our outfits!)
Clip noses and bridlepaths
Trim feet - and possibly cast P up front

I'm sure the list will change a bit but that is the main stuff that needs to be done!


  1. I missed what studbook you're trying to get into. My experience is with the American Hanoverian Society in the late 90s.

    With foals we showed the mares in a bridle with no noseband. The foals were loose. Was just a matter of trot the triangle and stand. I don't think I saw them ever turn down a registration, including for our runty girl twin.

    I somehow got to be the deisignated holder for all the baby brandings that year. None moved when they applied the brand. I turf skied behind every single one when they took it off.

    Good luck and best wishes to you for an east and successful day.

  2. exciting! also is it just me or do those two profile pics of Pax and P really show their resemblance?

  3. Hopefully everyone else is bleached out too. Good luck!

  4. ... Is that a donkey or pony? Too light to be Pax...

  5. I love Pax's leather halter! She is so cute!!

    Is that a tiny donkey behind P????? Must tell!