Thursday, June 23, 2016

NTW Games Day/Romp In The Willows - 2015 Pictures!

I've been waiting to post these since I had so many other things to share, but I have professional pictures from our 2015 NTW shows! Or well, I have professional pictures from the Romp, and just regular pictures from the Halloween show. Either way, who doesn't love pictures!

I already miss showing her. I can't say she's doing the downtime thing all that well either - she's still very fit and spending her time bucking and leaping and running about, bursting with too much energy. Just today, she was playing with me - she'd come to me and I'd rub her face, and then she would whip around and leap into the air and gallop off. She'd come running back for more face rubs, and then would whip away and leap and buck and run again. Over and over she did that - not something she normally does!


  1. i seriously can't get enough of those halloween pics haha

  2. These are beautiful! You nailed that Halloween costume.

  3. I'll never tire of seeing pictures of O in harness!

    Love the costume.