Saturday, September 2, 2017

End of August Analysis; September Goals

I wrote almost nothing in August. To be completely honest with everyone, I've been really having a hard time emotionally lately, and just can't quite get myself together. I've barely ridden at all in the past two weeks, and haven't worked with any of the babies. The loss of Frank hit me hard, and the hurricane totally blew me out of the water. It just was a terrible month. Nothing important got done and I had no motivation to do anything but barely keep my head afloat. I hope September will be better... I got on Dylan and went for a walk hack today, and felt much better afterward. 

My goals have had to be altered since Hurricane Harvey happened. Harvey of course struck the Texas coast, and along with all the other devastation it caused, it also forced the cancellation of the Laborious Day show, with no refunds. All of that is completely fine, and totally trivial compared with the devastation other people have faced, so I'm in no way complaining. But because I missed my chance at my 4th level debut, and didn't have the ability to get in any other 3rd level tests before the closing days for Regionls and Nationals, I won't be going to Nationals. That makes me sad, and I feel disappointed that I won't be going out at 4th level at all this year. Regionals is the last dressage show, then we have Haras Cup and three other WE shows in Nov and Dec. Our wedding is coming up, and I don't have random money to throw around at dressage shows that won't count for anything much. HDS was kind enough to offer partial refunds, but I still have a budget I have to stick to. Looking over the whole year so far, I've accomplished so much! But it wasn't all of what I wanted to accomplish, not nearly. Nationals, the AWS show in Vegas, and going out at 4th level - all things I wanted to do, and all things I won't be doing this year.
But.... there is next year. 4th level will be waiting for us in January. Whether or not we go to Nationals or Vegas will depend of course on 1) where Nationals even is, and 2) finances, but... we will see. We will see. I'll be doing Intermediate B again next year for working eq as I am trying for my silver medal(s), and of course 4th level is the start to trying to get silver medal scores for USDF. Lots of silver things in my future, I hope. K just delivered her baby a few days ago (!!), which means I do still have Dylan for at least a couple more years! 


O-Ren August:

1) Continue being a good momma horse!
Success! But, of course, not hard. I really have been missing driving her.... I would like to do a little competing in the spring with her, but we will see.

Cregga August:

1) Continue learning about leading, brushing, feet handling, bathing, and clipping!
Success! And she's been led up and tied to the trailer grooming spot like a big girl too, which she hasn't been a huge fan about but she certainly hasn't killed anyone over it yet.

Dylan August:

1) Regular lessons and clinics! Both dressage and WE!
Success! I've been riding with Louisa regularly of course, and Tarrin too this month. I don't know when Tarrin will be up here next but I hope to get in with her again before Haras.

2) Continue working on pirouettes and 4-tempis as usual
Success! The tempis have been coming along well, and quarter pirouettes are easy. We're continuing to do more work with very collected canter vs just collected canter, as sometimes it feels to me like we're super collected but actually we're just going super slow. I can't always tell the difference, so Louisa's eyes on the ground really help.

3) Compete in the HDS Laborious Day I and II shows at the end of the month 
Well, that didn't happen... but, Mother Nature does whatever she wants. This is the third show in a row that has been cancelled due to weather and it's really starting to get old.

4) Get two more All Breed Awards scores for Third Level... and *gulp* try 4-1 for the first time!
It would have happened.... if Hurricane Harvey wouldn't have spoiled everything.

Pangea/Pax/Uma August:

1) Grooming/trimming every 2 weeks 
Success! Pax has been saddled a few more times too, with no issues.

2) Uma: Start to do a bit more learning about lunging!
Success! She's starting to learn the idea. But again, the last two weeks I've done nothing with anyone. I've just been too out of it.

Zu July:
1) More long lining! If I have help! 
2) Lunging with harness
3) Wearing bridle - full bridle with noseband

Sriracha July:
1) Lunging - walk and trot
2) Wearing bridle
3) Wearing harness
4) All of course contingent on catching her feral little ass again!

I didn't even bother putting any of the goals for the other two babies up - I just didn't do much with them this month except groom them and do feet. I've been too out of it and miserable to really focus on anything.


O-Ren September:
1) Continue being a good momma horse!

Cregga September:
1) Continue learning about leading, brushing, feet handling, bathing, and clipping!

Dylan September:
1) Regular lessons as usual!
2) Continue working on pirouettes and 4-tempis as usual
3) Start prep work for Regionals and for HARAS CUP! 
4) Trailer out not only to WD, but to the arena in Decatur with obstacles, to start doing more obstacle work in prep for Haras 

Pangea/Pax/Uma/Sriracha/Zoodle August:
1) Grooming/trimming every 2 weeks 
2) Uma: Start to do a bit more learning about lunging!
3) Sriracha - Catch that little bugger again! She's been loose and feral and mean for two months now and I can't get hands on her. I'll have to run her into a chute to get her. 
4) Zoodle - lunging and long lining, and wearing full bridle with noseband! He is probably going with the Zorseman this month too to get broke to drive - Boyd is doing his preliminary breaking for me!


Baby Pax, wearing  a saddle like a grown up! Yes... she is still tiny. But, she is looking more and more grown up. 


  1. The hurricane devastation is unreal :( I'm sorry to hear about the show, because even if it pales in comparison to Harvey, it's still disappointing for you. But you still have Haras to look forward to, and the wedding! I can't wait to follow along as you rock September :)

  2. I'm so sorry about Frank. Seeing the hurricane coverage on tv has been heartbreaking. Sending good vibes to you and your herd.

  3. I am sorry you are having such a rough time - sometimes life can really give us a kick in the pants. Hugs to you, and remember there are always happier and brighter days ahead <3

  4. Ugh that is a total bummer about Harvey destroying those plans. I know it's not like Houston, but it was still a lot of money and plans down the toilet. Always next year!

  5. I live in Cyclone Central in Australia, plus have been through a ton of flooding disasters, and have unfortunately experienced first hand how they belt you around. Give yourself breathing space, and time. I think losing Frank at pretty much the same time has kicked you in the goolies and you've not had a chance to sort that out yet before Harvey hit, leaving you well and truly clobbered right now.

    But no rush.

    Let your usual routine sneak back into your life, and appreciate the amazeballs things that surround you: your beautiful herd of horsies, big and small; your crazy pack of critters, both furry & purry; and your lovely Hubs to be. You're getting married! If I may push a glass half full perspective, it sounds like all this Nationals-out-the-window business might add up to a wee bit of freedom to focus on that once in a lifetime event!