Monday, September 4, 2017

Photo Dump

It's time for a photo dump!! Loooooooooooooong overdue. This will def be a picture heavy post.

He hates the fuzzy bloo halter. 

Old Pmare.

She doesn't love dogs.... 

Long lining Zoodle


Uma and Frank <3


Frank was soooooooooooo shiny

Uma, being a big grown up girl

Every. Day.

Too bad the bridle doesn't fit, it would be so cute

Pax and Cregga, 6 months old. Cregga is a full hand taller than Pax was at the same age.

Babies and a storm

Gee where does Cregga get her side eye from I wonder

Lady mares getting baths... P is looking so much better. 

Did I mention we adopted a pig of our own!? More on her later!

America's First Family

Cregga at 5 months old....
... and 6 months! SO BIG!

Having a run run party

Dylan as a young man, and an old man! 

Trying to trot the babe in hand.... but.....

She's putting all her growth effort into her ears. 6 months old!

I should just get my stepladder started now. 


  1. How tall is Cregga now?
    And oh my did Zoodle rip that feed pan in half??

  2. I'm jealous of your pig. A pig is first one my list for acquisition once we get our own property.

  3. I can't wait to hear about the pig! 😁

  4. I love how you capture everyone's zest for life. :-)

  5. Holy crap, Cregga is MASSIVE.

    Also, I love Uma hahaha. She is such a little stinker.

  6. I think you adopted a spotted potato, not a pig.

  7. First Family <3. Also wonderful to see PMare on the up.

  8. Love pics of all of the critters <3

  9. Holy smokes, Cregga is going to be so fancy. I can't wait to see her progress.

  10. Dude, where are you.. starting to get worried here.

    I hope ok.

  11. I’ll add to the chorus of worried voices... been thinking of you often and hope you are alright!

  12. I am also wondering if all is ok. Hope it is.

  13. Especially since we haven't heard from you since the hurricane...