Sunday, January 7, 2018

Technical Difficulties

Okay. I AM still trying to post these updates. I'm just having a hard time trying to get it done with just my phone and my iPad. The phone is too difficult to type in to make it worth doing decent posts, and my iPad relies on my horrible internet - the only thing we have here is satellite and it hasn't been connected for several days for whatever reason. I abandoned my laptop some months ago because I never use it and a dog had eaten the power cord, but if I really want to realistically blog I need to go get a new cord and try there. I am typing on my phone right now and it's giving me an unnecessary amount of rage.

I have posts drafted on my iPad that I just can't post until our internet decides to come back. So, stick with me. They'll be up sometime in the next century, I hope.


  1. Are you using Blog Touch Pro app for your posts? Just curious. I’ve just started using my iPad to do blog entries and purchased this app to do so. I find posting via the app much easier but was curious what you use.

  2. Is there a local library not obnoxiously far, or at least in the vicinity of other places you go? Probably not a long-term solution, but if your posts are drafted on blogspot (or you can email them to yourself) might be helpful short term?

  3. You can get a Bluetooth keyboard for $15-$20 on Amazon. It makes typing on your phone a breeze when you need to do more than just text or do FB posts. I have one that I use with both my iPad and iPhone and I love it! I miss your blogs and can totally relate to terrible internet service. Good luck!!

  4. Can you not just use your phone to create a hotspot through which your ipad can post to the internet? I do this all the time. Super handy! :)

  5. I despise posting on my phone too so I totally understand the rage. I hope you can find a solution to the internet problems. I miss reading about all of your beautiful equines.

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