Sunday, January 7, 2018

Update: Pax, P, O

Our next update covers Pax, O, and P! 


P is doing so much better this winter. She really struggled this summer - I expected she wouldn't survive the heat, but somehow she did. We got lucky and had a very reasonable summer - not too hot and not too muggy. Because of that, I managed to nurse her through the summer with extra feedings, beer, hosings, and cooling techniques. Next year I will have to put her on One AC and maybe put out another fan for her. Or, she may not survive. Last year was the roughest yet. I guess we will see.

But she's been doing so great that I even got on her and walked her around recently. I would love to put her lightly back under saddle but I don't know if I will. I don't want to kill her and she's not very sound, but she is very game. I think we will just have to see, but I don't think we have many, if any, summers left in her.


O is still doing her momma thing! She's bred back but we will have to see if she holds though the winter. We decided after all to go with a fall breeding and fall foal, which I've never done before but is apparently pretty routine down here in Texas. You wouldn't typically do that up North because it gets too cold for neonates. She is about 100 days along and just got her first rhino shot! She looks awesome and lately I've been really missing working her. This next foal is sold if it's a colt - and going to be kept as a pair for Cregga if it's a filly!


Can you believe Pax will be there in April!? When did that happen!? She is still very small but looking more mature. I have hope she might make 15.2 or 3 but she's still just barely over 15 hands. The small size had to come from P, which seems to be consistent with this stallion. P's first foal was TINY when I saw her as a 3 year old - maybe 14.1 or 2, if that, literal pony size - which at the time I chalked up to that stallion and it being her first foal. Apparently it's just a consistent thing with P... Throws very small size.
That said, she's turning out to be a better mover than I thought. For awhile, I thought she couldn't trot, but now that she has grown some she can again. Her canter, which was pretty for awhile, currently isn't very good, but I think it will come back. 
I'm not big on starting early and working hard at a young age, but this fall she'll be lightly backed and learn some basic who's-go stuff. There are several little local fun type shows throughout the year that have halter classes, and I'll definitely be taking her to those for some life experience. Then when she's ready, school will begin in the fall. 

Heyyyy maybe she can match with O for a pair! Check out the comparisons between the two of them in that last picture!