Saturday, July 28, 2012

Elvis is getting so BIG!

Holy moley. Elvis is 4.5 months old now (approaching 5 months), and he is getting BIG! His hugeness has been recently magnified by the temporary addition of another mare and foal to the field. The filly, named Emmy-Lou, is a little over a month old and is TINY. She was a complete surprise: her mother was purchased as a 3 year-old project, who surprised her new owner by one day laying down and popping out a surprise tiny foal! Even the old owner had no idea she was pregnant... apparently the stallion got out one night. Emmy is so small that she can practically walk underneath Elvis, but she has the gumption of a much bigger baby. Elvis can still push her around at the creep feeder, but Emmy stands her ground with her ears pinned.

She's also a lot smarter than Elvis is - to make sure that she gets her fair share in the creep feeder, she goes in there by herself and waits for me to bring their shared bucket of creep feed. Elvis still eats out of Bay Girl's bucket before going over to the creep feeder - Emmy is one step ahead of him!

Bay Girl's flymask is offline for repairs (fixing some tears), something which she is quite pleased about. She's tolerant but not particularly thrilled with its daily application, so she is not complaining about a break from it!


  1. Well what a beautiful little surprise Emmy is! The red demon is indeed massive, but I think him rather handsome. He'll be going soon I guess?

  2. Sheesh I hope so. I heard we were weaning at more like 6 months so we still have at least another month to go.

  3. Elvis makes some pretty awesome "Derp de derp" faces.