Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Old Pics

Hooray! I seem to have rectified the flymask issue with Bay Girl. She is back to being her regular old "good morning toss it on!" self. It goes to show though that you just can't be too careful with a formerly abused horse... they don't ever forget things. Until they trust you - really 100% trust you - you risk regression if you don't take the utmost care to prove to them that you are their ally and friend. A lot of quiet, simple, steady work in bite-sized chunks is a recipe for success with an abuse case... you make everything an easy. feel-good process for them, and keep it simple until they understand that everything is going to be okay. You can't be too careful about making sure to not overload them with information - and you apologize to them the moment you make a mistake.

I was looking through an old video I took of Bay Girl wandering around in the roundpen when she was pregnant and took a few screenshots off of it:

Sigh, back when she looked so healthy and good... and actually had a topline. Poor momma...

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  1. I've haunted your blogs for some time, but never posted. Love your work with the Bay Girl! And having a rescue horse myself, you are very right about saying they never forget anything. My mare has been with me for 7 years now, and though she trusts me, she doesn't really trust anyone else and can be very sensitive. Bay Girl may be the same way. Fingers crossed she becomes yours - she deserves some good in her life! :)