Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some More Comparisons!

O-Ren, not quite 4 weeks with me:

P-mare last February (2012), and P-mare this April:

Immy last March (2012), and Immy this April:

There was a long discussion on Facebook about why she was so unhealthy last year (check out her crappy body condition and her ripply feet!) but was still covered in shiny dapples, and is way way healthier this year but doesn't have a single dapple... I assumed it was because of possible ongoing gastric issues (she gets cowpats at the drop of a hat and stresses so easily, despite the one million things I've done for her - at this point we're thinking she may have permanent intestinal scarring from years of stress/parasites/poor diet), but someone mentioned that pregnancy hormones can do that too, and sure enough, some Google-sleuthing confirmed that for me. She's clearly a LOT healthier this year regardless.

Also, check out the changes in her feet, from flat, flared and ripples to well-connected and strong:

Just goes to show that sweet feed is JUNK FEED! It is my personal opinion that there is NEVER any reason to feed sweet feed to horses, EVER! 


  1. All of the girls just look amazing - look at O's shoulders after just one month! - but Immy barely looks the same horse. I remember woohooing so loudly when you finally got her that I startled my sleeping pooch out of his bed, I know life with you would be this fabulous for her! Those poor old flat feet she had look like they melted from standing too long in one place on a hot day..

    I can't help wondering what the Red Pest is up to now, how massive he's gotten and who he's harassing?

  2. All of your girls look stunning! What a difference in O's coat in just 4 weeks, huh? And the muscles on her and Immy - wow!

  3. Okay, Andrea....could you pleasssee do a post where you talk about the girls' personalities? I.e. how has your relationship w/Immy and Pangea progressed? What are they like to ride and work around? Etc. etc

  4. Man, huge difference in her feet! Great job :)

  5. I agree on sweet feed! Horrible junk food!

    They all three look fantastic. :D