Friday, April 5, 2013

Still being an awful blogger - but not for long!

I've obviously still been a horrible blogger as of late. Life is in full swing overload mode, and priorities are priorities - it is actually 4:15 in the morning right now, and I haven't actually gone to bed yet, seeing as we have company coming in tomorrow and I have only just finished cleaning the house. I also just finished my last exam last night/this morning, which means I am officially DONE with the schooling part of my school (2.5 years later!). All I have left are my case studies and a final practicum, and I will be ESA certified. Since I'll already have all my case studies gathered, I'll also be able to pursue AHA certification as well. There are absolutely 0 AHA certified trimmers in the state of Texas, so I'll be the first if I am selected. (Lots of AANHCP people in the area though... I am NOT and will NEVER be AANHCP affiliated.) 

There are going to be exciting changes in the upcoming near future. There is nothing set in stone yet, but I'm gearing up to cut out the excess in my life in order to take on more clients (they are banging my door down and I literally do not have enough daylight to fit them all in anymore - I work for 10 hours a day without so much as a lunch break and then trim every single day from the second I get off the farm until it dark, and THEN have to find time to squeeze my own mares in. Days off are filled with trim clients from start to finish. I can't do both anymore!). I don't have any serious announcements yet, but things will be changing shortly, and I will have more time to devote to my girls, to my Future Hubs, to my critters, to my business, and thank god to my semblance of a social life. I am a hard worker and I love to be busy, but I live for my downtime, and I haven't had essentially any regular relaxation time for well over a year now. Even my "vacations" (a day off here and there, once a month or so) have been filled with studies or trims or whatnot. There is only so much a person can do before they literally just can't do it anymore. 

But, now that things are about to wind down, I will be able hopefully to start regularly blogging again. The mares are getting worked of course, and regularly (I find time to cram them in no matter what), but at the end of the day I just literally don't have the time right now to write about it. I am exhausted and dead on my feet but still going no matter what... sitting down to write has not been a priority, mostly because whenever I sit, I pass out into lala land. Even now, I feel like limp spaghetti... but I'm afraid to sleep now, because I think I will probably just flat out not wake up. Such is life, I suppose.

I guess I better go stand up and shower... there's no point in sleeping tonight, I have to be up in 15 mins away. I'll work a 10 hour day, ride the mares, come home and entertain guests, and then on Saturday I'll actually have a DAY OFF... we're going to do the Color Run 5K in Dallas, provided I find the energy to drag my sorry carcass out of bed at 3am so I can feed the horses and drive to Dallas on time!

(How I am feeling right about now... except without the joy of being able to actually pass out.)


  1. I'm tired just *thinking* about your lack of sleep. Have a great weekend - try to get some rest in the midst of the crazy!

  2. Get some sleep girl! And skip the 5k. Not like you need any extra exercise!

  3. Good god, get some sleep! We'll be here when life resembles sanity again.

  4. You're in good company, I think that pic accurately sums up how I feel these days as well, LOL! Sounds like trimming could be on the cusp of a full-time job, congrats on pushing through to pursue your dreams!

  5. I agree - skip the 5K for heaven's sake and take a REAL day off! Yikes.

    I am thoroughly impressed by your schedule and hard work. I could not have done that myself, even at your age. Can you please explain, though, what those acronyms mean to your readers who don't know - like me? (ESA, AHA and AANHCP) Thanks a bunch! :-)

  6. ESA: Equine Sciences Academy. Cindy Sulliva's school... where all those who left the AANHCP after Jaime went nuts are now.
    AHA: American Hoof Association. A peer-review organization which only allows in the more or less elite trimmers - the membership application is huge and involves videos, speeches, case studies, and more.
    AANHCP: American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners. Jaime Jackson's school. Once a genius, now a crazed psycho self-promoting ass... his newest guidelines are flat out idiotic and if you don't follow exactly what he says, you get kicked out. Their cover photo on FB is of a hoof with raging thrush - when I pointed that out, I got told that I had no idea what I was talking about, and normal people like me don't recognize real health like the masters do. Right...

  7. Whoo! The color run sounds like fun. Good luck!

  8. Thanks for clearing up the AANHCP stuff for me ^ I was wondering why people were straying away from it nowdays.

    Congrats on the ESA. I'm in a similar boat as you were a few years ago with the trimming and getting off the ground. The trimmer I apprenticed with really wanted me to go to ESA, but I haven't yet. How are you liking their education/views?

    ope you get a break soon! Busy is good, but so is taking a day to enjoy life. ;)

  9. Well, of course I had to race right over to FB and look at what you were talking about. I'm sure you know AANHCP still has the thrushy hoof as their cover photo! Now, *I* certainly couldn't tell it was thrushy as I have no experience with thrush or treating it, but I trust your eye 100%. If you say it is... I believe you. For the record, I thought the other photo they posted of a supposedly similar hoof looked dry and fine. No comparison!
    (Additional note: I noticed in the photos of the three women working on cadaver hooves at a recent AANHCP clinic that one of them had on a "Pagosa Springs" sweatshirt. Hmmmm... just what other cultist equestrian makes his home base in PS? Tells me sumthin right there!)

  10. Umm I would die keeping that schedule! I hope you get to catch up on sleep soon.