Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 330

Before we get to the updates about the new harness (!!) and today's lesson, I'll give P's quickie update. Basically: nothing to report. She is at day 330 today, and she has regressed some. Her udders, which were huge the other day, have totally deflated again. They were a lot smaller yesterday, and today they are nearly empty, just sagging bags. 

Womp womp

She may be an atypical developer - she might not get her milk in until right before she foals. Or she might just have decided to cook her baby a little longer than expected and hold out on us! At this right she might hold out for a few more weeks. Who knows! 

I have lots of other updates to write about, but need to head to bed! Let's just say my updates include a super well behaved horse, a new harness, a lesson, a flat tire, a broken window, and an exploded winch. Yeah... it's been an eventful few days!


  1. Well, my spotted mare regressed as well. "Oh well, no foal today". She foaled four hours later, middle of the day, whilst I was at work... Possibly a GOOD sign!

  2. Hoping for a happy, healthy foaling for P-mare.

    And O looks completely badass. LOVE the Comfy Fit harness on her. Please do a review when you can!

  3. I can't wait to see the baby....but Pmare knows when the best time is :) I'm excited to hear about the new harness, I'm hopefully going to be purchasing one this year sometime.

  4. sounds like it's been a bit up-and-down lately. what a bummer about the winch... looking forward to hearing about everything else tho!