Friday, July 24, 2015

Pax - 3 Months!

Pax is now officially 3 months old. She thankfully has slowed down her growth some, but is still a mighty big girl for her age. I'm still waiting for her to go through any kind of ugly, awkward growth stages, but so far she hasn't - for the most part she has grown pretty balanced back-to-front so far, and has stayed pretty through it all. She is slightly butt high, but I think once her shoulders develop a bit more and she gets something resembling withers, she'll be quite even. God knows Pmare has the biggest withers on the planet, Pax will probably inherit them too!

So pretty!

Mmmmmm salt!

She is still a total pest, but the mares occasionally pretend to discipline her a bit. Like here, when O decided she was getting tired of Pax's crap:

Ooooo right for the eye

These two really are best friends though. They do EVERYTHING together, all the time, including hanging out at the top of the pasture all by themselves: 

Bes Franssss

Pax's previously super dark coat is lightening up significantly in the sun, which is not surprising given the amount of sweat and sunshine going on in the state of Texas right now. She will probably be just like her mother and grandfather - light in the summer, dark in the winter. Which means there is still a possibility of O and Pax matching perfectly as a team ;)


  1. Cute cute cute! Love Pax pics!

  2. What a pretty girl!

    She and O are going to be an awesome team.

  3. I can't believe how big she's getting!

  4. I'm calling it now -- weaning her from her mom is gonna be easy peasy. Weaning her from O.... not so much, LOL

  5. You know they say if a horse doesn't go through an ugly stage they will be small and if they go through all sorts of ugly stages they will be huge... I have no idea how true that is, but for the most part Chrome didn't go through any (or many) ugly stages and he ended up 15.2hh. The weird thing is he grew fast early on and finished at three. He has not grown in the height department at all since he was three (but has done a TON of filling out since then). Weird lol. It's so fun watching them grow. Enjoy every second of it because it goes so much faster than you would ever believe!