Monday, July 13, 2015


Holy crap. After two months without it, WE HAVE INTERNET at the house!!! Granted, it's satellite, so it's not superfantastic, but it's something and it's SO GREAT.

I have SO much to write about... but for tonight, I'll leave you with a comparison of Pax from month 1 to month 3, standing up next to Future Hubs:

1 month old - so tiny and cute!

3 months old - giant beast! 

She comes solidly up to boob height on me now. However, her string test measurements show her topping out exactly at O's height. I feel like surely she'll be bigger, but who knows? Maybe I will end up with my pair after all!

I really hope she stays the dark color that she currently is. She still has a lot of shedding as you can see, but look around the edges - she's pretty dark! I know a few of you said she could turn back to regular boring chestnut, but seeing how chocolatey dark she has gotten - I don't know. She's very striking with her mealy highlights on her nosey and eyes - she had them when she was born but they weren't very noticeable until she got super dark. Grandpa was a dark bay with mealy points, so perhaps that got passed down from him. She still has lots of shedding to go, but you can see how dark her head and top of neck is, and legs as well. The best way to describe it is tasty dark chocolate color. It's just awesome.


  1. That neck! She's gorgeous! Can't wait to watch her grow matter what color she turns out to be 😋

  2. i secretly hope she stays dark too - except then again a perfect pair would be pretty cool

  3. Shes HUGE! What a pretty beasty! I love her color, so unusual, cant wait to hear more updates about her!

  4. There's no WAY she will top out at O's height! She's going be BIG.
    Love her coloring :)

  5. Firstly, congrats on finally getting some internet going at your new abode! Secondly, holy smokes is that little girl of yours getting HUGE. I can't wait to see how her colour may change as she matures.

  6. She is so beautiful!! She's grown so much!!!!

    I'm glad you got internet! I'm not familiar with satellite internet, but if it's anything like T.V. it's going to be a pain when it storms, but oh well, better than nothing right??