Friday, July 15, 2016

Moole Progress

Despite the steamy heat we've been having lately, the mooles are all doing extremely well. They all seem to like the heat, even going so far as to lay out and sunbathe in the 100 degree afternoons, when the horses are standing in the shade sweating. Surely it's the donkey in them... it makes them more heat tolerant!

Wee baby Uma is starting to have *more* mature days than immature days. She is the same age as Pax, so she still has lots of tiny moole fits and doesn't have much attention span yet. But, she is starting to mature slowly, and some days it surprises me with how many things she is good with. The rest of the days, she still pitches giant moole fits, but... ah well. She will get there, she is just a yearling after all. You think yearling horses are bad... yearling mooles are like dealing with rancid little tweens. She recently got her very first bath (ever!), and she was surprisngly great with it. She wears boots and bells for fun, and she let me roach her mane with the clippers recently. A few months ago I tried to body clip her and she absolutely FLIPPED out, so this is a big deal. To go from totally freaking out to being quite fine about her mane being clipped in just a single session is pretty good!

Lendri had been doing a lot less these days, mostly because it's a million degrees out and I have been prioritizing for the horses who are in work. I did find a pony size cart recently that I bartered out work for though! I will need to switch out the shafts I think, as it does appear that mini size shafts were put on a pony size body. The best thing about the cart is the fact that it has a GREAT set of steel wheels. If nothing else, the wheels are worth the entire purchase! 

Hey look, I found a flymask that fits me!

Grooming with Pax

Lendri meets her doom

Sriracha on top, Uma on the bottom. You can see their size difference, although Uma is catching up!

Sriracha all shed out!

All of the mooles got haircuts. It's traditional turnout for mules and donkeys to be roached for shows, so I decided to give everybody the roach to see how it looks. They look adorable! I love it. The foofy manes and mohawks are equally as adorable though... basically everything about them is adorable. How can I pick just one look! 

Fully roached but still hairy eared! 

I've had Sriracha now for two months, and she is looking fantastic. She is a lovely mule, intelligent and willing to learn, fast losing her suspicion and more willing to try for me every time I work with her. She is gleaming and shiny. She bathes, clips, leads, ties, trailers, and wears her flymask. She is getting better and better about grooming and flyspray. and she picks up her front feet and even let me nip off the excess. She is letting me touch her hind legs now too, so it won't be long before I can do them as well. 

Looking so good! 

Looking like a proper show mule! Almost anyway!

Picking up feet

She is coming along so well. I just love her! She really was a lucky find. 


  1. I think Sriracha is an incredibly good looking mule - will Uma mature to a similar height? They'd make a lovely pair :)

  2. I love all the cute little mules. I like to roach my mule's mane and then let it grow back a few inches into a small mohawk.

  3. Mooles are so cute! I love the roached look on them, Sydney goes roached as well, and it is so easy. Plus her mane was so thick I imagine that it is cooler without it.

  4. This made my morning. They're so cute!

  5. They are so adorable. I'm generally not a fan of roached manes, but omg. Good call.