Monday, March 6, 2017

End of February Analysis; March Goals!

My favorite month is here!!! March is my birthday month, Shamrock Shake month, and the start of Deathstorm Season of course. Not that I enjoy the last part, but you know. 


O-Ren February:

1) Continue to be a big fat relaxing preggo momma horse! 
Success! And, well, she is not preggo any longer!

2) Get her final pre-foaling shots
Success! Good timing too!

3) Make sure all foaling supplies are on hand!
Success! I wanted for nothing and had no problems. Easy!

Dylan February:

1) More lessons! More more more!
Success! I lessoned with Tarrin and Louisa regularly! I have more to write about that soon!

2) Continue putting together 3rd/4th level and Intermediate (WE) level dressage tests
Success! The Intermediate B test is basically the same as last year's Intermediate test so it's no biggie. 3rd level tests are also no biggie. 4th level tests are decidedly more confusing!

3) Show in the Heart of Texas WE show mid-month!
Success... sort of! I entered, I went, I did dressage, Dylan did awesome, we were sitting in 1st... and then O dropped a baby! So that was slightly disappointing to miss the rest of the show, but what can you do.

4) Make sure all paperwork and memberships are set for the start of the season! March is around the corner!
Success! I think anyway. USDF, USEF, IALHA, WEIAUSA, WE United, and the Confederation of Working Equitation are all squared away, including lease recordings and horse recordings. And now I'm broke forever. My god that was so much paperwork.

Pangea/Frank February:

1) Continue using them as pony animals for the babies
Success! Although I haven't been on Pmare. She was such a cow the last time I rode her that I haven't really wanted to get back on her until her teeth get done in March. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but she was really a total monster the last time I rode her.

2) Otherwise, enjoy semi-retirement!
Success! Not hard to do!

Pax February:

1) Be ponied off P and Frank regularly
I ponied her less than I expected I would, but I did pony her off of both of them!

2) Go off property for adventures!
Success! We went to the vet and did not kill anyone, and we went along for one of Dylan's lessons, which I will write about shortly!

3) Continue wearing a bridle and doing general handling/baby school stuff!
Success! She is wearing her bridle well, and of course now that I have Potato's old bridle I have a show quality one that fits. She is leading well (pretty well) in the bridle. I ordered a Newmarket shank for her, as it's pretty clear I will not have control over her with something short like reins. I need to have something I can play out a bit in case we get to rearing and thrashing, as we usually do.

4) Send in entry for FEH in March!
Success! I actually sent off two, one to Meadowcreek and one to Texas Rose. And I found out Snowdonia is doing two FEH competitions too, one in April and one in I think June! Hooray! Althogh I suppose I will see what the judges think of her before I send off entires for any more. If they think she is garbage I won't bother. 

Zu February:

1) Continue lunging and start with more long lining!
Did not do this... just too much else going on! The mules are off duty for a bit while while I get the warmblood babies going, then in May they will be back on duty while the warmbloods get kicked out for the summer.

2) Ponies with P and Frank!
I have ponied him off of both of them now! He likes to go out with P, less so with Frank.

3) Toss him on the trailer whenever I take Dylan or anyone else off property! 
Now that I know that Pax can go off property without killing anyone, it's time to take Zoodle. Taking Pax with Dylan was kind of out of control, since he desperately wants to have sex with her, so I think taking Zoodle might be less crazy. 

Uma/Sriracha/Lendri February:

1) Continue general handling 1x week
Success! Everyone got roached again this month and handled a bit, but otherwise the mules are off duty for the moment.

2) Sriracha: Start back with lunging!
I decided it's just easier to have warmblood season and mule season - one group goes and then other has off, and vice versa! Warmblood babies are on right now, mules are off. They'll switch in May!


O-Ren March:
1) Continue being a good momma horse!
2) Decide breeding plans for next year. The next baby is tentatively spoken for already!

Cregga March:
1) Continue learning about leading, brushing, picking up feet, etc
2) Get turned out into the big pasture!

Dylan March:
1) More lessons! As usual!
2) Continue putting together 3rd/4th level tests
3) Show in the Fort Worth Dressage Club Cowtown Dressage - our first USDF show together!
4) Finalize show plans, some of which have changed now that I bought a truck and have a large payment! 

Pangea/Frank March:
1) Continue using them as pony animals for the babies! Maybe go off property!

Pax March:
1) Go to Meadowcreek for the FEH! 
2) Try not to kill anyone/seriously embarrass myself at Meadowcreek
3) Go to Tyler for the FEH at the end of the month 
4) Also try not to kill anyone or embarrassing myself at Tyler

Zu March:
1) Go off property with Dylan for lessons, to get used to going places!

Uma/Sriracha/Lendri March:
1) Continue general handling 1x week. Mules are off duty until May but they still need their lovins!


Oh yeah we have some mare in us somewhere! Sitting on her buttrope!


  1. I love all the !!!s in this post! You seem super happy :)
    I should have you come out to be my doula in a couple weeks, LOL! So cool, calm and prepared during birth ;)

    1. x2 on the doula request! But mine has to be a scheduled C due to 3rd year rotations, so yuck

  2. Congrats on a successful foaling!
    Also, can you bottle some of your productivity & mail it to me?

  3. Love seeing this! Will you ever breed Pmare/have you?

    1. Yes, Pax is her daughter. I bred her again last year but she didn't take. She is 21 this year so Pax was her last.

  4. Hope everything's still going well!

  5. Worried about you and hoping all is well. Miss seeing your posts.